June 28, 1995. - I casually started reading the magazine article “Skydancer,” by Bill Hamilton in the Fall, 1994, issue of UFO
Universe. It referred to the same objects that I have been seeing . The difference is that I am living in the middle of Los
Angeles’s San Fernando valley and Mr. Hamilton’s reports came from some 20-plus miles to the north of here in Antelope
valley. I’ve tried to contact the man but have had no luck.

In his article, Mr. Hamilton reports a witness saying that he had observed that the phenomenon had seemingly sometimes
used the sun for concealment, as if they ran to hide in its glow. This concept stimulated my imagination. If UFO’s did directly
align themselves between the sun and my point of observation, they would certainly render themselves invisible. It’s a
rather ingenious ploy, if you think about it. Most of us can’t look in the general direction of the sun for too long. Even radar
would probably lose them in the radiation wave.

My brain kept working on this concept. Not only is the sun too bright to look at, its blinding corona flares out to over ten
times its size. The logic of the scheme intensified in my analysis. It now seemed sinister, yet simple. All that would be
required for special craft to achieve this type of alignment would be the computation of a few measurements and the ability
to hover in formation.

June 29, 1995. I felt compelled to find a way to block out the surface of the sun but still be able to view deep into its corona.
I positioned myself on the second story of the apartment complex in which I currently live. I wrapped my leg around the
wrought iron of the balcony railing and leaned out to see as far west as possible. It was around 4:30 P.M., and the sun was
approximately 60 degrees directly off the westerly horizon.

I noticed pieces of airborne lint passing by. There were packs of gnats and different insects buzzing across from all
directions. The sky was hazy and smoggy but basically devoid of clouds. My skin shivered when, only two minutes into my
search, a singular flying object that much resembled a falling star slowly floated down and seemed to stop dead. Then the
object started moving toward the east and stopped just a little northwest of my point of observation. I estimated the object
to be from five to ten miles above the valley.

I quickly ran back to the apartment and retrieved my girlfriend to come to take a look. When she finally put on her shoes
and walked out, the thing was still there. I saw the object clearly. It was just hovering there like a daylight star. My girlfriend
struggled to find it. Ultimately, she did see the object but only for an instant. She soon left due to the tension of my
frustration. She did, however, confirm to me that she had seen whatever it was.

I was excited and yet doubting my own sanity. I still remain somehow stunned that these things are actually happening. I
kept watching, and the objects continued to fall out of the sun. The interval had now accelerated to one per minute. Then I
started to see them descending in pairs, then separating and taking off in opposite directions. They would stop, spin, and
go backwards. I even saw one of the objects flying like a bumblebee. These things seem to defy all logic of aerodynamics
and inertia. They were spreading out like windblown seeds all over the west end of the valley.

I immediately ran into my place and called up a friend who is also one of the leaders of the Los Angeles chapter of MUFON.
I explained to him what I was witnessing, and he promised to go out and look. Given where he was located, I thought that
these things must be directly over his head. It is very difficult to determine an airborne vehicle’s distance during the
daytime. He went out to view the UFO’S with his naked eye. He also didn’t correctly block out the surface of the sun when
attempting to make visual contact.

The man looked for a while but saw nothing. He contacted some of his associates, and they all reported seeing nothing. I
could tell by the tone of his voice that even he thought that I was probably mistaken. I asked him to keep looking and then
called up Martha in Van Nuys. She said that she would go out and look but later reported seeing nothing. She, too,
sounded skeptical.

I went back out to my point of observation, and the air show continued. Then I went down to the carport to see if I could still
view the objects from down there. If I were merely seeing floating dove feather down, surely the perspective would change,
and I could debunk the sightings myself. Still the objects fell, effortlessly floating down and out of sight behind the smog.
Even I was skeptical. It was truly twisting my brain.

Soon the sun went down, and I was left to wonder what the heck I had actually been seeing up there. For the next several
days, I saw them between the hours of 4:00 P.M. and 6:30 P.M., nonstop. It was happening so much, I stopped looking. I
thought that it surely must be something that was floating out of the nearby trees and only appeared to be far off in the
distance. I didn’t see them over the Fourth of July weekend, but I was involved in other things and not really looking.

On the afternoon of Wednesday the 6th, I once again looked up to see if anything was happening. Immediately I saw the
UFO’s coming down. I ran to get my girlfriend to be a witness, and she readily agreed. By the time she got her shoes on
and was out the door, one of our neighbors was just getting home from work. The neighbor decided that she would stop
and chat. I was fit to be tied, as several UFO’s were coming down, and I couldn’t find a way to gracefully point it out. I swear
it was as if the entity were taunting me.

Finally, I was able to get my girlfriend separated from the neighbor. I had to teach her how to look, and it seemed hopeless.
Just as I thought that she was going to give up, another one of the objects floated out of the sun, and she definitely saw it.
She described it as looking like magnesium flares floating down. She got quiet and then swore that she never doubted me. I
now felt relieved that someone else had seen the things. Still I needed more verification. I then had an appointment and
drove off with this thing on my mind. About a mile down the road, I was stopped at a signal and again noticed that a flare
seemed to be falling out of the sun.

It is very hard to position oneself to view this phenomenon. Inevitably, if one does not possess the right equipment, one will
accidentally look directly into the sun. A person must be extremely careful about this. The damage can be permanent.

When I got to Northridge, which is approximately five miles north from where I had been seeing the UFO’s, I again saw the
lights trickling down. Also I noticed that the angle of perspective in the sightings had not varied a bit. I could now safely say
that these objects were not airborne dust and were definitely miles out into the distance.

July 6, 1995. The skies were hazy and smog-ridden. The light was so diffused that it seemed impossible that I could be
seeing anything. Still I was trying my hardest to get even the smallest hint that this “sun stuff” was still going on. After a
couple of hours, I finally did see a couple of the UFO’s fluttering down through the haze. I continued to look, but that would
be all I would see on this day.

July 7, 1995. Today I got an early start. The sun was directly overhead, and the clouds were sparse. The skies were not
nearly as hazy or smoggy as usual. It didn’t take two minutes of looking until I saw them again. First, I noticed one of the
jiggling objects. Then several pairs of the craft came together and separated into different directions. I feel as if I am
catching the UFO’s at one of their most vulnerable points. Although in our airspace, the disks are perfectly hidden within
the circumference of the sun. The UFO’s are illuminated at higher levels when descending down through the sun’s

I’ve seen these objects duck behind small clouds; so they can be but a few miles away. I once again got my girlfriend to
come out to witness. I make it a point to coach her on discerning between what is nearby dust and distant ship movement.

A couple of minutes later, one of them descended and floated north off through the smog. Then there was another. She
then thanked me and went back inside. I didn’t blame her. I’m sure that the temperature was over 100 degrees on our
observation deck.

I too went back inside when I heard the phone ringing. It was a fellow tenant of the building, Mary. During the course of my
conversation with her, I couldn’t help but burst forth a little about what I had been seeing as of late.

Mary is open-minded but has never seen anything of this sort. She seemed to have a debunking attitude and took my
challenge to go out to see these things. It took about two more minutes until she saw a couple of them. They just floated
down like dandelions in a summer breeze. I wish that I could show it to a large group of people all at once.

The best possible UV lenses are a must. The bare eye will not register this phenomenon. Also if the weather is overcast or
hazy, you may not see it. If some part or all of the actual surface of the sun is not blocked from direct sight, your eye will not
register the objects.

At 5:00 P.M., I found myself driving to another appointment in Northridge. A few miles north, I saw the objects again. Also I
noticed something awry in the clouds. Several times I have noticed pinpoint lights of little cloud formations that appear to
remain equidistant in a triangle pattern. They are very hazy and look like a hologram.

July 8, 1995. Today it is hazy and hard to see the skyline. There are a lot of clouds, and I can’t see through them. I’ll have
to try again some other time.

July 9, 1995. Just when I think that this thing has shown me all that there is, the entity is expanding. Today, instead of one
or two of the UFO’s descending through the sun’s corona, I’ve seen strings of them. The entities form into triangles and
boxes, then separate and go off into opposite directions. Twice I counted six objects together in a bunch.

Again, I called my girlfriend outside to look at the darn things. She saw two of them but did not see the larger groups that I
was reporting. She could look up toward the sun for only a moment or two because of the brightness.

Around 4:00 P.M., we went off to the gym in Northridge. We got back to Reseda some two hours later and again viewed the
daylight stars from our apartment complex carport. For the first time, my girlfriend was actually spotting them and pointing
them out to me. Also for the first time she admitted to me that they were kind of giving her “the willies.”

I’ve also noticed that the things are getting a little close as the UFO’s are now appearing as slightly larger balls of light. At
one point, two of the objects descended in a level tandem and were coming my way. Then I saw them stop, hover, and take
off after about three minutes of this. I get the distinct feeling that the spheres of light are now aware of my watching them.
These things are slowly but surely inching in closer to me. I feel very excited and a little freaked out.

July 11, 1995. Last night Martha lent me her video camera to try to capture the UFO’s descent out of the sun’s glow. It
would be tricky. Direct viewing of the surface of the sun will blank out the camera’s ability to record an image. If I am to get
anything on tape, I will have to shield the camera lens in such a way that a building overhang will block out the surface of
the sun.

I didn’t sleep at all last night; and at 4:30 in the morning, I was again scanning the skies. Directly to the northeast was a
glowing sphere that was constantly changing colors. None of the other stars in the sky were doing the same. This one
really stood out above the rest. I knew that this object was very similar to an object that Martha had earlier taped in Van
Nuys. I noted that the video camera battery registered some 13 minutes left on the charge.

So I walked out early in the morning, video recorder in hand, trying to figure out how to use it. It took a little walking, but I
did finally get to a place where I could get some clear shots of the chameleon star. Unfortunately, I hadn’t yet figured out
where the button to turn off the auto-focus was located. The focus zoomed in and out throughout my proceedings.

Then I noticed a “sister object” was hovering to the east. I turned and filmed it and went back and forth between the two
objects to make a comparison. Then the battery in the camcorder failed. I didn’t realize it at the time, but later review of the
video footage clearly showed the object flare bright red a second before the camera shut down.

Back at the apartment, I recharged the camcorder’s battery and took an early morning shower. Still, when I finally went to
bed, I could not sleep. I was back up in 20 minutes. I was very tired but just couldn’t close my eyes.

I did finally get about an hour’s rest but was awakened by an acquaintance at my door. He talked on, and I drank more and
more coffee. It was hopeless. I was up for the duration. I watched the skies for half the day and saw nothing around the
sun. Then around 2:00 P.M., the UFO’s started their daily descent over the San Fernando valley. I spotted pairs and
triangles forming; so I ran to get the video camera.

The viewfinder is small; so I can’t be sure exactly what is on the tape. I know that, to my eyes, the things were incessant. I
first videotaped the UFO’s under the sun and to its right side. I saw some activity in the little viewfinder, but it is very hard to
know whether anything was recorded. The footage will be interesting to analyze.

I filmed in sequences spanning over two-and-a-half hours. It was horribly hot, but still I found myself lying on the scorching
parking lot blacktop to get video footage. I filled up the last 23 minutes of the tape with this stuff. I ended it directly in front
of my apartment door.

I’m so excited that I had finally captured the entity on tape. I called Martha and informed her that the mission was very
probably a success. She was excited but had to go back to work. We agreed to make contact with one another later in the
evening. Then I ate something small and made myself a cup of coffee. I still felt irresistibly drawn to the spectacle I had
been witnessing and took my beverage out to the second-floor balcony. Still it went on. I was seeing the UFO’s forming
perfect triangle and box formations in the sun’s vicinity. I was in awe.

Then two of the objects paired off and seemed to be floating in my direction. I was internally chanting a special prayer and
feeling great joy that they were allowing me to see them. Then I whispered , “Please come in closer so I can get a better
look at you.”

I continued to watch the aerial performance. I noticed a flash of light slightly to the left of due west and up about 45
degrees. I paid little attention and continued to watch the sun’s glow. In the same direction of the flash suddenly appeared
a large shiny horizontally elliptical sphere. It was 4:05 in the afternoon, but this thing glistened like a giant black diamond
under a spotlight. It looked as though it should have been nighttime to have that quality of brilliance. At first, I wondered if it
could have been a metallic birthday balloon. But there was something strange, almost supernatural about this object. It
continued to come closer, and I was able to make out more detail. It appeared to be small and slow at first. But in
comparison, it was larger and faster than a 737 jetliner.

It continued to grow larger as it grew nearer. This was no energy ball. The UFO appeared to be highly polished and
seamless. At one point it looked like a three-story glass top. It appeared to be spinning and was silently running as it
passed over my head. I couldn’t help but feel that this display was somehow for my benefit. After all, I had called out to it. I
quickly ran to my apartment entrance to try to get my girlfriend to come out to see it. Looking inside, I noticed she was in
the back room with the door closed. I rushed back outside. It couldn’t have been more than 15 seconds until I returned to
look, and the object was gone.

I’ve learned to expect the unexpected now. I quickly ran back inside my apartment and again called Martha in Van Nuys. All
I got was an answering machine. I basically told her machine what I had seen.

A couple minutes later, I got a call back from her. She was wildly excited and informed me that she too had seen the
objects. She wouldn’t stay on the line as she felt she needed to go back out and see some more. I went off to an
appointment and tried to put it out of my mind.

When I later returned to my apartment, I went next door to a neighbor’s place and watched a tape of “Roswell.” This story
sent my head spinning. I was a little shaken by it all.

Later in the evening, I finally got back in touch with Martha. She informed me that she had seen as many as 15 of the UFO’
s descending across the valley. This is a great relief to me. She also reported that, at 5:30 P.M., she had seen a large
black sphere hovering, then accelerating back and forth across the northwest horizon of her point of observation. I believe
this to be the same giant “black diamond” that I had earlier seen. The woman also reported noticing strange changes in
cloud formations over the area where she lives.

She went on to say that a particular formation seemed to pop up out of thin air and move directly over her. She said that
she silently asked the thing to show her a sign of its authenticity. She told me that several times the cloud formation
separated in half, then went back together. My fellow ufologist then told me that a friend of hers who lives in Simi Valley had
called her. Her friend told her that their trailer home had been buzzed by a brilliant light early in the morning. The friend
also told her that the inside of the place lit up like it was on fire, only blue.

It has been a long, grueling day. I will need more time to digest this. I told my neighbor that this was possibly the strangest
day of my life.

July 12, 1995. I was finally able to get some sleep. I find myself feeling relieved since my friends have verified that they
have also seen the UFO’s. After yesterday, I wasn’t so hot on spending the day looking up into the sky. I just did my usual
daily routine but did fit in a couple of minutes to see if the UFO’s were doing their usual thing. I hadn’t been outside for 30
seconds when I saw them again. This has been going on since I first became aware of it. About 5:00 P.M., I received a call
from Martha. She told me that one of her friends had come over to her place and my friend had showed the entity to her.
This woman was using a pair of binoculars and reported clearly seeing a stereotypical flying saucer-shaped disk during
their viewing. Martha reported that the two of them had seen well over 100 of the flying objects. During their adventure, a
couple of their neighbors, a man and his son, also came by to see what the fuss was all about. Immediately afterwards, they
also began viewing the objects. The boy, who is only seven years old, reported seeing the triangle formations that I had
been talking about. I set up an appointment for 7:00 P.M. to show them the video footage that I had taken the previous day.

When I showed up at my friend’s home, they were excited; but none of us had any idea what to expect from the tape. The
first couple of minutes of the video were the images of the color-changing stars that I have been studying for months. The
video images were identical to the ones that Martha had taken back in November of 1994. Her video player has the ability
to incrementally step through the frames of the tape, or what is referred to as “video jogging.” All that I can say is the thing
sure didn’t look like a star.

Then the video cut into the daytime part of the footage. Through the “jog” process, remarkable images immediately popped
up onto the screen. Very obvious saucer shapes proceeded to dance to and fro. Some of the objects performed incredible
high-speed, right-angle turns. They hovered, accelerated, reversed direction, and came back to do it again. I was stunned
as much of the action had not been apparent when I was doing the taping.

The fact is, most of the videotaped images would not have been discernible if we had not been viewing them in slow motion.
We were all yelling and jumping up out of our chairs with each new image. I could just go on and on with what we were
seeing. I thought that I was in the Twilight Zone. It turned out to be some of the most unbelievable action footage of UFO’s
that I have ever seen. It took us three-and-a-half hours to view all the footage that I had taken. It was an exhausting viewing
session for us. Martha made a copy of the tape for me, and I allowed her to keep the original. I was very happy to receive
the confirmation that I was not losing my mind and hallucinating these things. I left her place around midnight.

Around 2:30 in the morning, I was awakened to the sound of some sort of violent gang activity occurring directly below my
bedroom window. Several police cars soon showed up, and there was a helicopter circling above. After all the commotion
died down, I sat in a chair and looked out the window to the northeast. Soon an odd twinkling light caught my eye. It was up
above the city of Sylmar and was slowly traveling due south from its position. It took approximately five minutes to travel 10
degrees across the horizon. I saw it stop dead in its tracks and hover. As I am writing, it has been in pretty much the same
spot for over an hour. This, incidentally, is the same object that I had taped early the previous morning. Sometimes it feels
as if these things are calling out to me.

July 13, 1995. Once again, I wasn’t able to get much sleep. The mental transformation that accompanies this phenomenon
is staggering. I have to work to keep it all in perspective. Letting go of the fear and denial is the key to this process.

I went to my neighbor’s place and tried to show her the video. Her VCR also had the “jogging” feature, but her television
was older and not nearly as high definition as Martha’s TV. Oddly enough, the lesser quality picture tube afforded a better
viewing of the objects in some instances. On this setup, the dust particles were much less visible, and only the solid objects
really stood out. Few images other than the UFO’s showed up on the screen.

Soon after I began to review the tape with my neighbor, she had another visitor; and our session was cut short. I’ve noticed
that this kind of thing happens a lot. A few hours later, I called up Martha again. She informed me that she had tried to
videotape the objects but did not think that she had had much luck. Just as she had started to review her day’s footage,
she had been interrupted; and her viewing had to be put off until the next day.

She went on to describe an event that made me temporarily forget all about the videotape. She said that she had gone out
to look for the UFO’s at 11:00 A.M. and had seen only two of them. She was a bit upset, thinking about how plentiful they
had seemed to be the day before.

At 11:30 A.M., she had gone out into her backyard and was rummaging around through some gardening tools. She
described to me how she had walked out to her garage and turned her sight due west. “I was beside myself with what I saw
next,” she proclaimed.

My friend then described an eerie scene. She claimed that something huge approached her, seemingly concealed in a fog.
She said that it looked like a ship caught out in an ocean fog. She went on to describe a cloud bank that was loosely
concealing a dark monolithic shape that appeared to be the length of a football field.

She could not clearly make out the edges of the object but kept insisting that it looked like a seagoing vessel in the sky. It
reminded me of the story of “the Flying Dutchman.”

Martha then told me that the object passed directly over her and continued toward the direction of Van Nuys municipal
airport. She said that it then made a U-turn and came back around toward her, stopped, and vanished into thin air. She
also said that the thing didn’t make a sound. The entire incident lasted approximately one minute.

July 14, 1995. I woke up rather late. All of this has been very draining. Again, I have my friend’s videocam in my
possession. At approximately 11:45 A.M., I set the video camera up for taping. I had placed the recorder at the entrance of
my apartment and pointed the lens almost straight up. Again, I made sure to direct the lens of the camera just outside the
surface of the sun. I then overrode the auto-focus function and zoomed the video image to “infinity.”

I activated the time display on the video image. I turned the camera on, then stood back to watch the phenomenon. Again,
the UFO’s did not disappoint me. With my unassisted eye, I again witnessed the fiery specters descend and hover,
seemingly watching me film them. They flew off at unbelievable speeds and in multiple formations of geometric patterns.
Further review of the video footage reveals that the saucers interact with one another, much like the attraction and
repulsion of opposite magnetic poles.

I moved the camera to different points of observation in the perimeter around my apartment building. Over and over, the
UFO’s glided through the viewfinder of the camcorder. I felt well assured that I again had captured some of the entities on
videotape. I continued to tape in video sequences of 10 minutes. About three hours later, I had filled up a 30-minute tape
with images of the UFO’s. I telephoned Martha Brimer, and we made an appointment to review the tape on her expensive
video system. Then I went on to do my personal appointments.

Around 7:00 P.M., I arrived at her place in Van Nuys. She poured me a cup of coffee, and the show began. She held the
remote and video “jogged” through my footage of the afternoon. Immediately we were again spotting the hovering spheres
on the video screen. The majority of the action was happening in a microflash and would have gone completely unnoticed if
not for the particular qualities of digital imagery.

Approximately one minute into the real time counter, we saw a large flash of light cross from the upper right side of the
screen and exit at the middle bottom. My friend reverse-jogged the tape, and we were stunned silent by the image that we
found. Three frames in particular showed a clear and obvious flying saucer fly directly over my apartment complex. The
image was so stark that I would have doubted its validity if I had not shot the video footage myself.

There were images of high-velocity objects performing maneuvers of an incredible physics. I almost doubted my own sanity
in viewing these frames. I witnessed and subsequently hand drew 15 different aircraft configurations. None of them were
the aircraft of men. This now replaced the previous day’s footage as being the most extensive documentation of UFO’s that
I have ever had the privilege to witness. There was so much of it that we couldn’t even look at it all. In many instances, the
UFO’s resemble the stereotypical images of the entity that we have seen in cartoons and movies. This is not a random,
occasional experience. These things are flying over our heads in masses every day.

Our peripheral vision catches them, but we simply dismiss the microflashes as being passing insects. Only with the advent
of digital-video technology can the average person capture and study the phenomenon. The secret to seeing the UFO’s is

* Find a point of observation that blocks out the surface of the sun while still allowing you to peer safely into its corona.

* Always use UV protective sunglasses. Avoid looking directly at the surface of the sun. It could cause blindness.

* Set up your video recorder on a tripod and direct the lens into the corona of the sun without the camera catching the
direct surface of the sun.

* Max out your camera’s zoom lens to “infinity.” Using the “sports” shutter setting seems to give us the highest resolution of
video images.

* Monitor the videotaping. Be careful that, as the earth rotates and the sun moves across the sky, you don’t allow its
surface to creep beyond the barrier that protects the direct rays from entering the camera lens.

* As your camera is taping, look across the other areas of the sky. Be aware of the inadvertent flashes and cloud banks
passing over you.

* This experience is cumulative. You will be given only as much information as you can handle in a day. It can be a mentally
traumatic experience to actually witness the UFO’s. Be patient and you will get your confirmation. My contention is that this
phenomenon is worldwide.

Article first published in Winter 1995 issue of 'Unsolved UFO Sightings' magazine. copyright 1995 / 1996 - J. Wilkie
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