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Dr. Quinn: Medicine was one of my first recurring jobs in
Hollywood.  For several months in 1995, I was one of the
roaming townspeople on the show, starring Jane

The show was taped / filmed on the old Paramount Ranch
in Agoura Hills, California.  ( a semi-remote facility located
inland from Malibu / Pepperdine area -- about half-way to
Calabassas. )  The industry has been shooting westerns
out there for decades.  It was very familiar to me.  

It was kind of a tough gig.  It got quite hot out in that
area.  The days were long, and the authentic old west
wardrobe was heavy, woolen and oppressive.  It was an
absolute test of one's endurance.  

Jane Semour was a work-a-holic on that show -- and the
entire production was a 'no-nonsense' scenario.  But it
was an education -- and very good experience for me,
towards working in the television industry.

Many people think that actors have it easy.  In actuality,
there are times when it can be one of the most
demanding and grueling situations that I can think of.  
Anyone slacking on that set would find their employment
cut dramatically short.  ( No pun intended. )

My best experience on that show was being in the
wedding party in the episode entitled; "For Better or
Worse" -- where Jane Semour and Joe Landau's
characters were finally married.  ( the train on the left  
was their honeymoon suite.  : )