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This was another job that I had acquired through
Kristian Sorensen's 'Alpha Company.'  The
scenes that I was in were filmed on a
soundstage that was built-up to look like a
NORAD bunker in Cheyenne Mountain.  
Actually, it was an old aircraft hanger converted
somewhere off in the back of LAX.

I thought that the director Michael Bay was
rather rude.  I guess he can feel insulted -- on
his way to the bank to deposit his 199
million-dollar check. : )  Not that he is ever going
to read this anyways.

But I guess I really owe him some special thanks,
because 'Armageddon' was the first major
motion picture where my close-up wasn't edited
out onto the cutting room floor.  Anyway, the
man does some pretty intense films -- and is
brilliant with astounding quality special effects.  I
am a fan of his work -- just am not crazy about
his elite-ist attitude toward 'mere mortals.'

I was very impressed with meeting Billy Bob
Thornton.  Not sure of what I expected, but the
guy was one of the most approachable and
down-to-earth famous people that I have ever
met in Hollywood.  During one of the breaks in
filming, he just invited a couple of us into his
personal trailer -- we had coffee -- and talked
about music -- and football, of all things.

I also got the chance to spend a few minutes
with Liv Tyler backstage.  She was unassuming
-- and so sweet, you'd never even know that she
was a star.  She is also very pretty in person.  
But the kid just didn't act like that was an issue.  
Big kudos to her for her demeanor.