This was a fun show to take part in.  It
was taped before a live audience at
the NBC studio sound stage in Studio
City, California.  

Basically, I was one of a small group of
guys that were portraying sad
employees of a large corporation --
taking the dreaded elevator ride up to
start another dreary day of work.  

In this scene - ( which would later turn
out to be the opening scene of an
episode called 'Hatchet man' ) --
everyone was quiet and depressed --
silently staring at the tops of our shoes
-- when one of the stars spontaneously
broke out into song -- the theme from

The singers were actually of
professional quality -- yet it all turned
out to be quite a debacle -- as the star
of the show, Mr. Kevin Savage ( of
'Wonder Years' fame) -- was such an
over-the-top cornball, that the laughter
that viewers saw was very real.

The folks on the show were really
great and it was a short day for the
contract singers.  My kinda job!! : )

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