What a thrill it was for me, to have my
small part of the 'Startrek' legacy.  I
have been a fan since Kirk first
inspected the bridge of the Enterprise
of the mid-1960's.

The Hirogen outfit and prostetics were
all made of moulded foam rubber and
was quite an undertaking to don.  The
make-up required 2 artists more than
3 hours to simply apply the face and

The episodes "Prey" and "Killing
Game" were filmed on locations at the
Paramount studios # 18 -- and then
some scenes were done on the 'back
lot' of Universal Studios.

Now -- to answer the question that
fellas ask me most; "Did you get to
meet '7-of-9'?? ( the sexy 'Borg'
character - played by actress Jeri
Ryan. )

She was private and distant, but
warmed-up to me, when her young
son ( who was with a 'nanny' on the
set ) took a liking to me in my lizard
man outfit. : )

Kate Mulgrew is a serious professional
and hard to work with sometimes,  But
she was kind to me -- and I truly
enjoyed meeting her.
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