Again, a job I got through 'Alpha
Company' military casting.  The
scenes that I was in were filmed on
location at an old section of Van Nuys
airport -- very near where the final
scene in the classic old Humphrey
Bogart movie; "Casablanca" was
filmed.  ( yes, that old place is still
there -- very unceremoniously

In this film, I was first driving an
armoured personnel carrier -- then
was just one of the guys in a
locker-room fight scene.  Pretty basic
-- but it was a paycheck.

One highlight of this project was that I
got a few minutes to stand next to --
and talk to John Travolta.  Again, I
don't know what I was expecting -- but
the man came off as being very
down-to-earth and personable.  

One of the directors on this film was a
guy that I met while doing 'Virtuosity' --
back in 1995.  He was going to have
me be one of the main protagonists in
the locker room fight, but that was
decided against, because he decided
that I was too tall for the scene.  

I really enjoyed hanging out with the
guys and gals of 'Alpha Company.'  
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