"John Bro's Favorites"
Using "Solar Obliteration" method
The one that pretty much started it all for me.  The 'Reseda
Saucer'         - videotaped at 11:50 PST - on July 14, 1995.
This is not an enlargement.  Actually, it was the full size of the television screen --
and had to be shrunk to fit onto a reasonably sized webpage.
Again, not an enlargement.  This is actual size on video.
Companion page to the above image.
I think that this is a beautiful image. Especially the color and shape.  
The Cuda is awesome.  I hope to make a model of it soon.
Another controversial shot.  Skeptics say this is merely a bird.  A blurred image.  As I saw this pass
with my own eyes, and not looking through the viewfinder of the camera...  I am not so certain.  
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