This show was amongst the most
memorable of all of my stints in
Hollywood.  It was taped on a CBS
soundstage that was especially
dedicated to doing 'Diagnosis
Murder' -- in, of all places, a bad
neighborhood in Van Nuys,

In this episode; 'Slam Dunk Dead' --
I portrayed a professional
basketball player that was a witness
to a murder on a practice court.

I actually got to play ball with the
O'bannon brothers, Rick Berry,
Manute Bolles -- and Hip-Hop star -
L.L. Cool Jay.

The highlight of this gig was when,
during a break -- I accidentally
stumbled upon Dick Van Dyke out
back of the studio -- while he was
relaxing and doing a crossword
puzzle that was in the L.A. times.

The man gleefully talked to me
alone -- for some 20 minutes --
mostly about his 50+ years in show
business.  The man truly loves what
he is doing... and in his words; has
more money than God!! : )

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