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"John Bro" interview of December 15, 1995
First "John Bro Technique"
radio mention on Art Bell's
"Coast_to_Coast" -
November 1995
First  full-length radio interview
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meeting Whitley Strieber
"John Bro" completes
"Hiding in the Sun"
journal of first two years
First featured television news interview.
What it looks like to do JB Technique
Starling Scout project
Top Guns of Solar Obliteration photography
"John Bro" on the late 'Jerry Pippin's UFO-Files'
UFO DIGEST - 'Solar Obliteration' article -
July 2006
UFO DIGEST - 'Hollywood & space aliens article
- July 2006
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20 Year Anniversary
Whitley Strieber announces "John Bro's" findings in
book release "CONFIRMATION" - 1997
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UFO's - "John Bro Technique"
'Now you too can see a UFO!!'
On or about June 20, 1995 "John Bro" discoverd that sometimes - there are unusual aerial anomalies that are in
our airspace, yet are unseen due to the brightness of direct sunlight and smog obscuring our view.  The
idea of implementing an artificial 'eclipse' was initiated. Within days, the first diagram of 'The Technique'
was then produced.

On July 14, 1995, the 'Reseda Saucer' was recorded.

This amazing image prompted the writing and
subsequent publishing of "Solar Obliteration"
article entitled "Now you too can see a UFO!"
(winter issue of 'Unsolved UFO Sightings')
UFOs photographed during the Florida fires
'Michigan Flap' UFO PICS / JUNE  2007
UFO Digest 'Michigan Flap' JUNE  2007article
the CRAYTON Youtube
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