Top Guns of 'Solar Obliteration'
Sean Crayton - 1997 to present
- Encino, California
Besides myself, possibly the longest practicing researcher of the 'Solar Obliteration' AKA
'John Bro Technique' method.  Mr. Crayton took this information to heart and then on to such
a level that only other members in this gallery could appreciate.  His 'Super bowl' sequences,
in 'real time' - of hovering saucers - stand in a class and category all their own.  It is my
considered opinion that he will go down quite prominently in the history of this simple, yet
expanding research.  
With nothing more than a few internet references and my 'SIGHTINGS' episode to guide
him, Mr. James Bratter took the 'John Bro Technique' to the Next Level.  His captured
images are amongst the closest and most detailed in existence.  Soon he found himself
videotaping much more than just UFOs up in the sun's glow.  He and his expanded
findings have been featured on Network television.
Paul Shishis - 2005 to present
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Paul's experience with 'super-sciences' goes back decades.  He has been featured in
publications and media.   His interest in 'Solar Obliteration' has come as of relatively
recent, yet his findings have been substantial.  He has also videotaped  - 'Orbs' - and
some quite alien-looking images.  It is a very impressive and rapidly expanding

Hear his  Internet Radio interview with Jerry Pippin at:
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James Bratter - 2000 to present
Palm Springs, CA & Minnetonka, Minnesota.
Honor Role of UFO Videographers
Those that advanced 'The Technique' to the Next Level