March 5, 1996

I called Phoenix, Arizona UFO researcher Tom King at his home, and we talked for another hour or
so concerning my first impressions of what he had sent me.  I liked him.  Again, he was very excited
about all of this.  If we were to actually meet, I think we would go on and on for hours about all of
this.  Tom also told me that he was in contact with the famed writer Whitley Strieber, author of
“Communion” and “Majestic.”  Tom said that Mr. Strieber was now aware of all of this and was getting
very interested.  Tom said that he will try to get Mr. Strieber to call me sometime.

Tom King also gave me the phone number of one of the homes owned by Whitley Strieber.  This
number was somewhere in Texas.  I called up, expecting a phone machine, but talked to a woman, a
housekeeper, I suspect.  She took my name and number along with a short note of why I called.  
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The infamous "John Bro" presents:
Meeting famed author Whitley Strieber.
March 22, 1996.  

Tonight I met up with Richard Papasian and his girlfriend Jen.  We were going out to Thousand Oaks, California, to meet up
with Robert Stanley, of Unicus magazine.  The location was the Thousand Oaks Inn.  Robert and I were there to speak before
a MUFON meeting.  Richard and Jen were willing to go there and pay $6 a-piece just to be there in support of me.

The official proceedings didn’t get started until after 8:00 P.M.  I was standing out in the hall with Robert talking as the lead
speaker went over past business of the organization.  At one point, I turned to Robert and casually said, “MUFON has their
head so far up their……”

I was remembering and referring to earlier encounters that I have had with some of MUFON’s members.  Robert gave me a
startled look and pointed to the wireless microphone he was wearing.   My immediate reaction was to laugh.  Robert was
worried that my comment may have been heard in the other room.  It would serve that organization right to hear the truth from
me.  It has been my long-term opinion that most of MUFON has taken a sleeping pill, especially when it comes to dealing with
my associates and I.  

Next they had a local UFO witness get up and tell her story of a recent sighting.  I’ve heard so many UFO stories that they all
seem to blend together in my mind.  This woman didn’t see any details of the ‘ships’ but watched illuminated spheres
accelerate at fantastic speeds over her home in Simi Valley, California.  

Then they had a rocker-type special effects guy showing off his incredibly realistic-looking ‘grey’ alien infant puppet.  Much like
a ventriloquist, the man, Mr. Steve Neill, was controlling the motion of the facsimile by running his hand up inside the back of
the thing.  Then he would make the required hand movement for the desired actions.  I was a bit too keyed-up to enjoy the
man’s presentation as much as I would have liked.

Then meeting continued, and I did get my chance to speak.  Afterward,  I walked outside and my mind immediately began
replaying the scenario.  I felt that it came off well because of the people’s reactions.  But I really didn’t know.  My mind had
been operating on something akin to auto-pilot throughout my presentation.  I went outside and smoked a cigarette.  Soon I
was approached by Steve Neill.

Mr. Neill asked me again about the process that I was going through to record the UFO’s.  I repeated myself, and he was
listening intently to every word.  Steve left for a moment but soon came back holding what looked like a photo album.  Actually
it contained photographs of some of his artwork.

As it turns out, Mr. Neill’s work is widely known.  He is an entertainment industry special effects creator.  As I looked through his
book, I recognized almost every piece in the collection.  I was very amused to find out that Steve Neill was the creator of the
character “Mac-Tonite,” the costumed piano-playing moon head of the McDonald’s restaurant chain.

I really loved Steve Neill’s work.  It was a big kick for me to meet him.  He then told me that he was the designer/artist - of the
extraterrestrial being character on the cover of Whitley Strieber’s book “Communion.”  Steve also told me that he and Mr.
Strieber were long-time friends.  Mr. Neill then said that Mr. Strieber has been dedicating a sizable amount of his personal time
and some of his public speaking time to “The Technique” and to some of the video footage that we have been accumulating.  I
believe that Mr. Strieber is seeing the videos that Tim Edwards and Tom King have been shooting.  The collection of solar
footage is mounting.  I would really enjoy speaking with Mr. Strieber.

May 17, 1996.  Steve Neill of Dreamland Effects called this morning to give me the information on where Whitley Strieber will
be speaking tonight.  Steve gave me every detail, except the time that the engagement is to begin.

I finally was able to talk to Steve’s roommate, sometime around 8 P.M.  He told me that the meeting had already started.  He
then told me that he and his girlfriend were still planning to go because Steve was supposedly going to introduce them to
Whitley.   I decided that I would also give my best effort to meet the famed author.  I knew that, if I wanted to get my message
across to him, I would have to personally put it into his hands.  There could be no secretary or middle man.  Also I instinctively
felt that I may get only one shot at meeting Mr. Strieber.  I was feeling rather serious.  This was serious business to me.

Sometime around 8:30 P.M., I arrived at the lobby entrance of the Newbury Park Holiday Inn.  I was dressed casually and
carried my beat-up old briefcase with me.  Before I had even gotten into the reception room, I ran into the owner of the
photography shop that had done the initial analysis on my UFO footage.  The man had come to attend the MUFON meeting
with his wife, his daughter and his new granddaughter.

I shook the man’s hand.  Then I went to the room where the MUFON meeting was taking place.  Several people there
recognized me immediately.  Because of that recognition and because of the fact that I had missed over an hour of the
presentation, I was let into the place without being charged.

Soon I was situated in the back of the room.  I had accidentally bumped the woman in front of me, and she was giving me dirty
looks.  I was in a seat about 30 rows back from the speakers’ podium.  Finally, there in front of me – and some 20 yards away
– was Whitley Strieber, himself.  I have been studying this man’s work for years.  Whenever he is on television or in print, I
always try to get access.  To me, he is a major icon of the genre.  As I sat and listened, I felt my stomach churning.

Anticipation of how I was going to approach Whitley Strieber was cause enough for my nervousness, let alone what I was
hoping to talk to him about.  How would someone that I have admired that much react to me?  Normally celebrities disappoint
me when I meet them in person.  I am not a big fan of most stars as I am of Whitley Strieber either.  To add to the gastro twist,
Mr. Strieber twice mentioned the UFO’s over Colorado and Arizona.  Again, I felt passed over.  Again, Los Angeles was not

It is almost as if there was an information blackout.  When it comes to the fact that the solar activity had been recorded en
mass and over Los Angeles, no member of the media or any private organizations seem to pay any attention.  They certainly
aren’t passing it along it they know or care.  Once again, it is as if they all have taken a sleeping pill.  I just don’t understand it.  
I have been telling folks for nearly a year.

A few moments later, I ran into Steve Neill.  He had a table set up on one side of the room.  On it were lithographs of his alien
art work.  He also had a couple of his movie special effects rubber props on display.  Steve looked worn out.  He was not very
talkative, but was trying hard.  

I pulled a steel folding chair over by Mr. Neill and sat listening to Mr. Strieber speech. Before the man had concluded, folks
were coming up to me, asking me about the solar phenomenon.  I simply told them that, for me, the entity’s presence
continued to expand.  I ever handed out a couple more diagrams of ‘The Technique.’

Then Mr. Strieber concluded his speech and started walking to the back of the room.  I watched him almost in slow motion as
he was coming back toward our position.  People were all crowded up around him.  I could see that it was going to be very
hard for me to get a chance to speak with him.  I was trying to figure out a way that I could cause an interaction without being
pushy about it.

A few minutes later and Whitley Strieber had walked up within ten feet of where I was sitting.  People were gathered around
him like hornets on a hive.  I’m surprised that the poor guy could take a breath.  Literally 30 people were trying to press up
against him.  You would have thought that he was a good luck charm.  So I studied him from that short distance.  What could I
find out – psychically peering into the right side of the man’s head?

Just then, Whitley Strieber looked over at me, and his eyes widened.  He started to walk toward me, right hand extended.  I
was trying to figure out who he was looking at.  Then Mr. Strieber said, “John Bro, good to meet you.”

The people around him stopped dead in their tracks, trying to figure out who I was and why Whitley had sought me out of the
group.  I was doubly stunned.  I had no idea how Mr. Strieber could have known who I was.  I wasn’t speaking, and I had been
sitting down.  I hadn’t been on television with all of this yet.  Any photo that he might have seen of me would have been email.  
The guy blew me away, right out of the gate.  How did he know me by sight?  I almost didn’t even know what to say to him.  Mr.
Strieber was then quickly whisked away.

I looked over at Steve Neill, rather dumbfounded.  Steve just smiled as he thought it was funny.  Steve went on to say, “Whitley
does that kind of thing to people all of the time.”

All I could do was sit there and ponder.  I decided that I must find a way to get the ‘John Bro’s Technique’ videotape into
Whitley’s hands.  I would also give him a compilation booklet containing photos, diagrams, articles and letters.  I knew that I
might not ever get another chance to give these to Mr. Strieber.

Soon Mr. Strieber had set up a table and was signing his books which some people had brought with them to the seminar.  As
Whitley was signing, people were getting in line and standing right next to me.  Again, people were grilling me on my progress.  
At times it even impeded on the line to see Whitley.  I politely answered questions as quickly as possible and then encouraged
folks to go see him.

I certainly did not want to make the guy mad.  Then I got in line.  Soon I was up in front of Mr. Strieber.  I told him that I had
been carrying his book “Majestic” around for some time and asked him if he would please sign it.  He smiled as he took the
book into his hands.  As he began to autograph my copy of his book, Mr. Strieber asked me if I had received his calls.  I told
him that I had not.

He informed me that he really wanted to talk to me about my video footage and subsequent findings.  He even said that he
would like a copy of my videotape for use in public presentations that he makes.  It was all very unclear, but I did believe that I
would get another chance to speak with Whitley later in the evening.

Soon after the signing, Whitley was out of there.   I turned around for just a moment, and he vanished.  Steve Neill was sitting
next to me, and then he was gone as well.  After sitting a few more minutes, it occurred to me that they weren’t coming back.  

A few moments later, I saw Mr. Strieber and his wife were sneaking down the hallway toward the hotel restaurant.  I made it a
point to follow them, getting close enough to call out their names.  Whitley turned around quickly and immediately locked me
into his focus.  He addressed me by name and even invited me to sit and have dinner with them.  Unfortunately, the restaurant
kitchen was now closed.  I watched my best chance slip through my fingers.

Then Dr. Leir of MUFON interrupted us, telling Mr. Strieber that they had a special presentation that they wanted to make to
him.  Mr. Strieber jumped at the idea of a gift.  He was all ears.  Dr. Leir’s proposal made the Striebers forget all about dinner.

So I went back into MUFON’s meeting.  They interrupted the current speaker to make a big deal out of presenting Whitley with
a cheap, nickel-plated ink pen.  I was desperately trying to pass the man testable proof of extraterrestrial existence but was
being pushed aside for pomp and circumstance.  I really needed those peoples’ help but they were too completely enthralled
with the proceedings to notice.  

Then the Striebers again disappeared.  I started to feel as though they were trying to give me the slip.  I made a decision that I
was going to put my package directly in Whitley Strieber’s hands.  It was now obvious to me that I would have to be a little
pushy or the exchange simply would not happen.  The brass ring was passing me by.  I was now approaching the nuisance

Ironically, while talking to Dr. Barbara Lamb, I was taken to the room in which both Whitley Strieber and Robert O. Dean were
seated.  Actually, there was a room for ‘UFO dignitaries’ already set up.  By using the correct words, I coaxed Whitley Strieber
out of the hotel room and got him to wait on the sidewalk while I went back to the hotel reception room and retrieved my
dilapidated briefcase.  I was back with the man in almost no time.

As I gave him the booklet that I had made the night before, Mr. Strieber told me that he already had this material in his
possession.  I then gave him the videotape.  He didn’t say anything about already having that.  Within 30 more seconds, I was
done and on my way.

May 25, 1996.  This morning, I got a call from Whitley Strieber.  This time, it wasn’t my calling him.  I thought that that was
fantastic of him.  I was getting a bit down with this UFO stuff.  The call from Whitley was a great pick-me-up.

“John.  It’s Whitley.  I’ve been trying to get a hold of you.  It seems like your line has been busy for days.  Listen.  I’ve done
some work on your tape, and I have some questions.  I would also like to talk to you about what we are doing up here in San
Antonio.  Give me a call at your convenience.

It was awfully good meeting you, and it is obviously a very fascinating piece of material.  It is one that I think is quite valuable to
science.  The thrust of what I am doing is trying to get interest in this among the scientific community.  It is an unknown

I’m not even mentioning UFO’s.  This is obviously something even beyond that, and I don’t have to get into it with them, which
is good.  I’m making some progress, and I’d very much like to talk to you about it.

I’d like to find out if you have a longer segment of footage that you could send to me.  And, what was it like at the moment that
you taped those?  Did you know that you had filmed them??

It was very good meeting you, as I said.”

May 26, 1996.  A little after noon, I decided that I would call Whitley Strieber’s answering machine and leaving him a short
message.  Much to my surprise, a woman picked up.  I think it was Whitley’s wife, Anne.  I told her who I was and that I had a
message for Whitley.  She then asked me to wait and summoned him.  I could tell that the man was honestly excited to talk to
me.  I was nearly speechless having him on the line with me.  Still, I was determined to make several key points concerning
‘The Technique.’

Mr. Strieber was very gracious and allowed me to talk even in my frantic state.  He repeatedly told me that he thought that my
story was fascinating.  I finally had the ear of someone at the top of the field.  Mr. Strieber asked me to send him some more
real-time footage so that he could see the entire sequences, instead of just stills from the videos.  He is especially interested in
a frame that I caught over at Bob Bucher’s house back in August of 1995.

Soon after I had hung up with Whitley Strieber, I realized that I had gotten a phone machine message from Steve Neill.  After a short
period, I called him back.  Much to my surprise, they guy actually picked up his phone.

Steve informed me that he had spoken with Whitley, even after I had talked to him.  Steve told me that the lab that Mr. Strieber was
working with was somewhere there in San Antonio, Texas.  As Mr. Strieber is a celebrity, he gets answers a lot faster that we have been
able to.  He has friends that give him video analysis with days.  According to Steve Neill, the people at this particular video lab have
concluded that my footage is real.  They added that it is recordings of massive vehicles performing unlikely maneuvers at hypersonic
speeds.  That sounds rather familiar to me.

May 28, 1996.

I typed a letter to accompany the videotape that I am sending to Whitley Strieber in San Antonio.  I'm giving it my best shot with this
one.  If this doesn't wow 'em, nothing I can show him will.  It is a more likely scenario that what I sent will floor them.  I Fed-Ex'd the
videotape at 4:30 P.M.  I definitely felt the power of that little object that I was about to pass off into oblivion.  As I walked across the
sunny parking lot at the shipper's office, I extended my hands into the air and asked the gods for their help.  After paying the $15, my
little package is entirely in the hands of fate.  I feel something special about this day.  It has been a long time coming.  It felt as if it truly
meant something.  Inside the videotape container, I also included this short letter of explanation.

"Greetings, Whitley,

I can't thank you enough for taking interest.  After studying the solar phenomenon for nearly a year, I can honestly tell you that it is very
genuine and constant.  Those who are interested can now study the entity in depth.  I've gotten so many clear images of UFO's that I
have been making 'baseball cards' out of them.  Enclosed you will find a compilation of some of my personal favorite footage entitled
"Solar Sound-bytes."

Please watch the tape through in regular speed first.  I like to consider it a student film since much of the tape within has been submitted
by friends to whom I have taught "The Technique."  I made sure to include real-time footage so that you can see it just as it happened.  
Please remember that the majority of interesting stuff on this tape happens in a microflash.  When the big stuff goes across the screen,
please rewind and review the desired sequences frame-by-frame.

As far as the real-time footage of the sequence; "Closer, you say?" -- that was the only frame of that object in particular.  However, by
reviewing our tape, you will find that I recorded a stunning still frame of that specific craft configuration on May 15, 1996.  Much of the
video footage that I have sent you has never been shown to any members of the media and to few citizens.  I will be very interested in
what you find.

Whitley, if the lab that you were referring to comes up with any solid conclusions, could I get a copy of them in writing?  I have yet to be
able to attain written documentation of this phenomenon by an independent source. It would add much to the credibility of my future
presentations on this topic.  I am excited to hear what you think.  To semi-borrow a line from the bus scene in the movie version of
"Communion,"  people are in for a big surprise.

I sincerely hope that the enclosed video stuns you.  Ironically, the recorded events are not rare and random.  "The Technique" does not
require an astrophysicist to achieve or interpret.  However, it does require a sincere desire to test the hypothesis.

Thanks again, and please enjoy the tape.   "John Bro" Wilkie."

July 17, 1996

A short e-mail was sent by Whitley Strieber.

"John, I got you email.  They ( the UFO pictures ) are magnificent and incredibly, incredibly strange.  I have talked to some scientists
about it; and people see it on the web, but nobody knows where to begin.  It is as if your camera is pointed into another reality."

December 2, 1996.

Tonight while chatting at the "Communion" web site, the group was joined by Whitley Strieber himself.  I immediately began to feel sorry
for him.  The people just bombarded him with a stunning variety of questions.  I could tell by his typed responses that it truly was Mr.
Striber on-line with us.  It soon became a cyber-madhouse.  I felt that Whitley surely must have been regretting his decision to show up
there.  I quickly went to my e-mail program, sending him a short message of my condolences.  It took Whitley less than five minutes to

"Yeah,  I'm being pounded again.  Too bad I'm made of rubber.  You're out on the edge too, buddy.  I guess that's why I feel such an
affinity.  I know very well that you are onto something.  Very well.  It is amazing to be surrounded by miracles as we are and to see so
many unable to perceive them.   

God bless, John


January 8, 1997.

Whitley Strieber's internet chat room has been shut down.  This is unfortunate, as his new book "Secret School" is just being released,
and many of us would like to know more about it.  The webmaster at his site stated that the closing was due to computer hackers
breaking through the 'firewall' and causing a range of problems for the on-line participants.


It would be another year until I heard a single word from Whitley Strieber again.  In response to an e-mail that I had sent to him,
informing that I had finally finished the transcript for my book; "Hiding in the Sun - journal of "The Technique" -- and that I would like him
to write a forward for publication hopeful; Whitley's response was short and curt.

"No.  It isn't time ( for your book to be released ) yet."

The man didn't even 'sign' his e-mail.  Oddly enough, within a few months of that correspondence, Mr. Strieber's book "Confirmation"
was released.  In this book, Whitley did include my picture; "Closer, you say??" -- and did give a short account of my findings.  Yet, he
wrote the history in such a way that made me look like an 'also-ran' to Jose Escamilla ( of 'RODS' fame ) - and Tim Edwards -
videographer of the 'Main Craft' footage from Salida, Colorado - from August, 1995.  

Not much later, NBC television did a special documentary "Confirmation" - inspired by Strieber's book.   I was not contacted to