Why Care about UFO's - or "JOHN BRO Technique"??
That question actually stopped me in my tracks.  I knew, instinctively - 'What it means' - but I did not have a good outward
logical answer.  She was correct in the question -- but she was self-assured that there was no answer.   And what would
it mean... to the immediate future, if folks like myself were actually getting pictures of UFOs?  

Would it mean that some would make a name for themselves, producing some sort of video proof -- or a really good
photograph??  Would it mean that someone would be 'King Awesome UFO photographer/prover!!  Could they then get
signed to big video deals... All the talk shows... Etc.  Is that really the desired end??  Or was a Pulitzer prize in the works?

If you break it down, it really doesn't sound very genuine -- or worthy, does it??  Kinda pathetic actually.... A UFO star.  
Then you would qualify to appear on all of the 'In-Depth UFO shows' on 'The Debunker Channel.'  'Hired-gun'
astrophysicists would then be presented opposite you and your theories would be subjected to a logically-articulated
Wet Blanket.

Literally millions of people would be convinced only that you are delusional.
But let me show you..
In 1996 I recorded this object on videotape.  I thought that it was very
interesting, but I really couldn't see much detail.  My next step was to
greatly enlarge the picture in Adobe Photoshop -- and with a line tool,
re-inforce what apparently was actual information on the videotape.  
Then I would shrink the image back down to regular size.  After I did
Multiple layers of that -- I extracted the second image.
let me show you..
That was pretty cool -- but now I am just some kind of a
UFO cartoonist.   I did ultimately turn this one into an
'Artist's Rendition' -- and presented it on the Internet.

Starling Scout Craft
Tactical to Practical
We can apply some of the UFO design to commercial endeavour
Starling Scout Project
I think that this would be a highly-functional
futuristic vehicle.  My intention is to develop
and actually implement this design.  I am
simply showing this small example to give
folks an idea of what I am eluding to.

I imagine that some much more
'down-to-earth' applications can derived
from this very stylized chassis.  I will start by
making models, then will progress to
incorporating the design into recreational
One day, a close friend asked me; "So what difference does it make to me, personally?  So what if UFO's really exist??  It doesn't
change anything in my life!!"
But how do I take this to the Next Level -- and make it mean
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