Journal of the events leading up to 'episode 4051'
'Solar Obliteration'
featuring "John Bro"
September 13, 1995.  The television show “SIGHTINGS” called me back concerning a message that I had left
for them a couple of months ago.  A fellow named Curt Collier is the investigating researcher.  I recited the
story of the initial discovery of “The Technique” to him over the phone, and heseemed to be very interested.  
We made arrangements for me to drop off a package to him at Paramount studios in Hollywood.

September 20, 1995.  I talked to Curt Collier of “SIGHTINGS” research again today.  He told me that he was
planning to send the tapes to a fellow in Wisconsin that does their videotape analysis for them.  Curt plans to
let the videotape analysis determine whether or not he will follow this story through to his producers.

October 3, 1995.  The day of the O.J. Simpson verdict.  For me, it had been kind of a bad day.  I called up Curt
Collier at “SIGHITNGS.”  Again, he told me that he would send the tapes out to be analyzed.  In other words, it
wasn’t much of a priority.  This is exactly what I run into time and time again, when trying to forward this
information.  The so-called “experts” dismiss the story and won’t even bother to look at the evidence.  It all
sounds too preposterous to them.  However, if I claimed that Elvis was playing piano in my family room, they’d
probably rush right over.  To my thinking, this question of the existence of extra-terrestrials is cloaked in a
conspiracy more oppressive that a thousand Berlin walls.  It is upheld to keep us separated and, more
importantly, to keep us confined to this space.  The true leaders are most concerned about a mass defection
from the earthly human thinking.

October 10, 1995.
Today I got a callback from Curt Collier at “SIGHTINGS.”  He apologized for not calling me back and offered a
list of reasons that subsequently added up to an excuse.  He told me that the Bruce Macabee team in
Wisconsin did not have broadcast-quality or BETA equipment with which to view our videotape footage.  Mr.
Collier told me that he made a copy of my tape in VHS format and would send it out that evening.  He then
promised me that he would pitch the story this Friday.  This, incidentally, is the same story that he has told me
for the last two weeks.

October 13, 1995.  This afternoon I got another called from Curt Collier.  He was explaining that he still has no
news.  He apologized and said, “I promise that I am not jerking you around.  Trust me.”

He said that he was planning to pitch the story on Tuesday of next week.  He also said that he had not heard
back from Jeff Sainyo of MUFON Wisconsin’s computer-analysis facilities.  Curt then “guaranteed” that he
would have some word by Tuesday or Wednesday.  He said that he didn’t mean to hang me out to dry or to just
blow me off on this thing.  He concluded by saying, “If I pitched it at them and they didn’t like it, I would let you

He asked me if I would wait until the end of next week before I came down to pick up my tapes.  That is now the
third time that he has promised me to have an answer by the end   of the week, and again it didn’t happen.  I
wish the guy would just say ‘yes’ or ‘no.’  If “SIGHTINGS” rejects the story, is isn’t the end of its validity.

October, 20, 1995.  This morning, I got another called from Curt Collier.  He told me that he pitched the story at
his producers and they really liked it.  So it appears that we have made it past the initial phase of trying to get
this on the air.  Curt said that he hadn’t gone into a lot of detail on the particulars of the story, just showed
them the videotape of the saucer and the Vista, California footage taken by Shawn Lennon.  He also told me
that he had contacted William Hamilton, and that the man promised to send his ‘Skydancer’ video footage.  
Reportedly, Mr. Hamilton did not make reference to “The Technique.”

Mr. Collier told me that he was still waiting for a report back from the Macabee team in Wisconsin.  Curt also
stated that he had been disappointed by them in the past.  So he had a plan to forward the video footage to
another guy if Macabee didn’t come through for us.  It will take some time, but Curt really seems to be taking
this seriously now.

November, 6, 1995.  Curt Collier called up with some very good news.  He informed me that he finally talked to
Jim Dilettoso in Phoenix; and the man confirmed that, in his opinion, the video footage was legitimate.  Dilettoso
also told Collier that a local man in Arizona was filming the same things en masse.  The date on his video
footage is October 3, 1995.

Shawn Lennon shot his sequences on or about August, 1995.  These people are serving as a great
confirmation of my findings.  I think that we are finally getting somewhere.  Collier informed me that the video
analyst’s appraisal of the footage had pretty much cemented the deal.

Mr. Collier told me that he will be calling back in a few days to tell me when they plan to do whatever.  Most
likely, I will give a short interview and possibly film a reenactment sequence.  So “Hurry up and wait.”  But it
does seem that something will be happening for us soon.

November 10, 1995.  Contrary to his word, Curt Collier did not call me this week.  This afternoon, I called him,
expecting to get his answering machine.  Surprising, he was there and answered the phone.  I could tell by the
tone in his voice that he was afraid that I was going to start shouting at him.

Curt went on to tell me that the story is up on the production board under the title ‘Solar Obliteration.’  He also
told me that there seems to be some interoffice problem with the video-analysis expert, Jim Dilettoso.  He
confided that the feeling was that the company did not trust him or like him, one of the two.

Curt then told me that he had asked one of his producers about doing the story, and he simply replied; “I don’t

Curt then portrayed concern and support for the interim.  We concluded the conversation by my promising to
call him next week to make arrangements to go down to Paramount studios and retrieve my videotapes.  I am
very disappointed with these people.

November 11, 1995.  I tuned in the television show “SIGHTINGS” tonight.  One story in particular involved a
UFO seen and videotaped somewhere in Colorado.  Upon viewing the footage, it became apparent to me that
the photographer was using “The Technique” to obtain his images.  The man’s name is Tim Edwards, and it
was very obvious to me that he was using a roof overhang to block out the direct rays of the sun.  This
videotape footage was from August 27, 1995.

November 13, 1995.  Monday afternoon.  Curt Collier called me today.  He told me that he had seen the show
that was aired on Saturday evening and that he did notice that the photographer seemed to be using ‘The
Technique.’  We talked a bit and agreed that this adds credence to the story.

Mr. Collier then told me that one of the shows’ producers walked up to him today, asking about the details of
my story.  Curt said that it wasn’t a sure thing yet, but it looked like the story was being forwarded to a segment
producer.  Curt went on to say that this is a pretty good sign for us.  He again told me that the producers of the
show had a little problem with Jim Dilettoso.  They seem to have the opinion that he will call anything a ‘UFO.’  
Still, it appears that they are going ahead with it.  This is good news.

November 15, 1995.  Today was very eventful.  First thing in morning, I got a call from my casting agency
informing me that I gotten a recurring role as a space alien on the Fox Network television show “SPACE: Above
and Beyond.”  Now that’s type-casting.

In the mail today was the self-addressed envelope that I had sent to Timothy Green Beckley.  I was expecting
the worst, yet hoping for the best.  Inside the envelope was the letter that I had sent to him but with a small
handwritten message on the bottom right.  “This (your article) will be out shortly in ‘Unsolved UFO Sightings’
magazine, winter issue – payment upon publication.  Will look forward to ‘SIGHTINGS’ show. Tim B.”

This news gave me a great emotional boost.  Sometimes it has looked as though it would never come to
fruition.  I had to go out and do some personal errands.  When I got back home, there were more messages on
my phone machine.

One was from Curt Collier.  He called to tell me that the segment had been passed on to a producer.  Curt told
me that the guy’s name is Phil Davis, is a good friend of his and would handle the story well.  Curt then said
that he was attempting to get Bob Dean in on this, as well as Jim Dilettoso.

Next was a call from Phil Davis.  He said that he wanted to do an interview with the next few days.  He left his
number and asked me to call him back.  When I did finally get back to him, I got his answering machine.  So I
guess I will talk to him tomorrow.

November 22, 1995.  I placed a call to Phil Davis at ‘SIGHTINGS.’  Again, I was only able to speak to his voice
mail.  Then I place a call to Curt Collier in the research department.  I told him that I had left messages for Mr.
Davis but received no return answer.  Curt told me that my story had made it to the production board.  
According to him, this means that the story is going to be done.  The problem is, the story is scheduled to be
on the second-from-the-last episode of the season.  They supposedly have six segments to put together
before they get to mine.  It will probably be sometime after Thanksgiving before I hear any word.

December 7, 1995.  I got a call from Curt Collier.  He informed me that there would be a different producer
taking over my segment.  The new producer’s name is Ruth Rafidi.  Curt told me that she is one of his favorite
producers.  He also told me that she is not normally a UFO segment producer.

Curt also told me that he is effectively laid-off from ‘SIGHTINGS.’  The main body of the staff is going on an
involuntary vacation.  If the show is picked up for another year, they will be back after New Year’s.  I thanked
him for helping me with the story and later drove down to Paramount studios to give him a copy of the
‘Unsolved UFO Sightings’ magazine with my article in it.

December 8, 1995.  I got a call from a segment producer at “SIGHTINGS.”  This time, it was Ruth Rafidi, and we
talked at length.  She came across as being very nice.  I gave her an overview of my earlier discussion with
Curt Collier.  She seemed interested and probably will be easy to work with.  We tentatively plan to shoot the
sequence on Thursday December the 14th.

December 12, 1995.  I wasn’t home today, as I was off in Culver City doing my gig as “Chig 3” on the Fox
Network show “SPACE: Above and Beyond.”  Ruth from “SIGHTINGS” called and she said that she was
postponing my interview because of the rain that we have been having.  She wanted the segment shot on a
sunny day.  That way, we might be able to apply ‘The Technique.’

December 16, 1995.  This is the day.  I didn’t get much sleep last night.  I was too worried about doing a decent
job on the “SIGHTINGS” segment.  I got up a little late and found myself scurrying to get ready.  Naturally, the
director, a man named Todd Mesirow, showed up about ten minutes early.  Todd seemed to be very open and
candid.  I felt as calm as was possible under the circumstances.  I took him over to my neighbor Mary Davis’s
place, and she was a few minutes behind as well.  We would have to wait a few more minutes before she could
let us in.

I took that opportunity to go back into my apartment and retrieve my scrapbook of UFO stuff.  I brought it out
and ran through it with the director.  He seemed very attentive and I felt that the man was on my side.  Todd
was very good at making me, his interviewee, feel at ease.  Soon Mary let us in, and I ran back to my place.  
The camera man and the audio man were just now showing up.  I tried to fix myself up a bit, but I still could not
hide my fatigue.

I went back to Mary’s place just as the crew was setting up.  The first shot was of me walking out the front door
of my apartment and carrying a tripod-mounted video camera.  I walked over towards the exit stairway and set
up the camera.  I then pretended that I was turning the machine’s power on.  Basically, I reenacted the
procedure of “The Technique.”  Then they moved their camera behind me, and I did the same bit again.  This
time, the camera was looking over my left shoulder.  We did it a third time, with their camera behind me and to
the left.  I think they were shooting through the iron bars of the stairwell railing.

When that sequence was complete, they moved the prop camera up next to me and set me up against the
railing.  For the next couple of minutes, I was interviewed outside.  The director asked me questions concerning
“The Technique.”  I stumbled a little.  I was still not entirely awake.  I did get it together in a short time, and the
director seemed satisfied.

I then took the prop camera into my place, and the crew moved over to Mary’s apartment.  I took a few extra
minutes to settle down.  When I got back over the Mary’s, they were making the final adjustments on the audio
equipment.  Soon I was sitting in one of Mary’s living room chairs, and the sound man was clamping a
microphone onto my shirt.  They had an odd type of a screen covering one of their lights, and it cast a
checkered shadow across the wall behind me.

Then the director, Todd, started reading me questions off of a prepared sheet.  I was a lot more in control than
I had been in the first sequence.  This time, I was very articulate and careful with what I was saying.  I think it
came off very well.  Only the finished version will tell me for sure.

I believe that I did well for several reasons.   Firstly, the director continued to talk on, even after the camera
was shut off.  He then told his crew to take their camera back outside.  He wanted to test ‘The Technique.’  I
wasn’t too worried, even at the prospect of the UFO’s not showing up after that long speech.  I knew that my
previous videotapes would be enough.  Unfortunately, it as overcast, and we were looking for a break in the
cloud cover.  As they were turning on the power supply to the camera, I asked them if I could shoot the footage
since I had done it so many times before.  They agreed, and the clouds parted.  It seemed like more than a
coincidence to me.

The telephoto lens on their camera was great.  It was more powerful than anything that I had used before.  I
can only imagine the possibilities if I had that camera to use on a long-term basis.  The only identifying logo I
saw on this camera was a small sticker that read “Fugitron.”  I recognized from their tapes that the camera was
of a Super-BETA format.

As soon as I hit the ‘record’ button and zoomed in the lens, the UFO’s began to appear in my viewfinder.  The
director was looking at the color monitor and began shouting out.  He could not believe what he was seeing.  
The UFO’s put on quite a little show for the ‘SIGHTINGS’ cameras.  Todd was beside himself.  I could tell that
he really had not expected these kinds of results.  It is awesome when first experienced.

The crew and the director were all smiles when they packed up to leave.  I could hardly have asked for things
to have gone better.  I felt that God was leading on this day.  I will remember this day for the rest of my life.  I
can’t express how happy I am that the UFO’s actually showed up for the ‘SIGHTINGS” cameras.

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