The infamous "John Bro" presents:
The "John Bro" theory of Artificial Orbs
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Legendary Folklore
'Technology' - in current terms, refers to machines or devices. In its literal sense, 'technology' - comes from latin - means
"a trick against nature.' So.. it is a way to do something... that nature does not easily provide. Overcoming the objections
of nature.

The world's best mathmaticians have proven 'on paper' that there are dimensions beyond our own. I believe that they
have postulated something on the order of 27 dimensions in all. To further understand what all that means would require
much more than the space provided here to explain.

So... Hyper-inter-dimensional would refer to something that has the ability to travel back and forth between the

Let's just suppose, for instance, that ghosts / spirits... were actual things. Folklore says that they appear... and disappear...
seemingly at will. So... that would mean that they are coming from another dimension of reality... time / space.

'Spirit' is the nickname for hyper-inter-dimensional Technology. It refers to the machine.... or computer.... or the 'thing' --
that has the ability to jump back and forth between dimensions.  


It is all theorhetical, of course.

Have you ever heard the old saying 'I'd like to be a fly on the wall at ( put your person, place & situation here ) so that I
could listen'?

Basically, it means that someone would like to be in a room with others when they were discussion something... and that
the people talking didn't know that they were being over-heard.


So... I guess that a 'fly on the wall' would probably be the best survielliance device that a human could think of. You
probably have noticed... that when 'bad guys' or federal agents - put a hidden device in someone else's place... it is
referred to as a 'bug.' It just means that the microphone is so small that supposedly no one would notice it.

Let take this idea to the next level.


Human & extraterrestrial shared technology:

PROJECT: ASP. - ( Auto-sentient Plasma Magneto-spheres )

Auto-Sentient- Electronic Low-frequency - transmitter/receiver -
audio/video recorder - 360/3D-capable.
Remote-operated, "swarm" deployment.

Psy-ops: ( cerebral transmission capable )

Prominent colors observed: Red, White, Aqua-marine


In theory, the only thing that can change the path of a beam of light is a black hole. The electro-magnetic pull -- or gravity
-- of the black hole can suck in everything around it... including light.

Light - time - and dimensional phase are inter-dependant. Change one... and supposedly, you change the others.


What if you could harness a very powerful electro-magnetic energy -- and compact it into a little ball. The only plausible
way that it could be contained would be in a suspension -- in electro-magnetic terms, one possible 'suspension' would be
a 'plasma.' That is one meaning of the term 'Plasma Magneto Sphere.'

So, the end result is a highly-charged 'gassy little ball' of electro-magnetism. Theorhetical logic says that if it were
powerful enough, it could travel through space and time --- and also dimensions -- which, again, is all inter-related.

Remember the 'plasma' part? Do you know what is the main working element in a flat screen television? Did you also know
that, with the right connections.... a television screen could be both a receiver... and a transmitter?

Did you know that if it were hooked-up right.... your television could also watch you? Did you know that a TV camera lens...
and a TV screen are very similar in how they operate?? ( check into it... if you don't believe me. )

So... one of the forementioned 'plasma balls' could theorhetically be both a transmitter... and a receiver. And the most
complete way that you could record everything in a space.... is 360degrees.... and in all directions.... 360/3D - basically, a
ball.... or ... a sphere.

Auto-sentient... is an advanced level of artificial intelligence. Literally, it is programmed to overcome the objections of 3
dimensional environments... it 'thinks for itself' -- "Auto Nav" - and moves around a space, depending upon what it needs
to do to achieve its mission..... and in this case is... to be a fly on a wall...  

So... 'Spirit' tech.... of an 'ASP' -- means that a non-solid device.... that can think for itself... can follow a target around...
listen ... or talk... --- can just pass through any thing it wants to .... to get to the other side of a dimension.... or another,
depending on its mission.... its desired destination.


Basically, it is theorhetical technology.... imitating a ghost.