"Now you too can see and record the Orb phenomenon"
It was back in mid-1995 when I first started investigating the UFO phenomenon that I first became
aware of the Orbs.  I really didn't know what to make of them, as I was concerned that my eyes
might be malfunctioning.  In my home, I kept seeing hints of what I can only describe as being
micro flashes of light.  The predominant colors that I was witnessing were red, white, and

Then one day, when reviewing some UFO videotapes that I have recorded, I noticed that a red
and a blue orb of light were present in multiple sequential frames.  Furthermore, the small objects
were moving, as if directed by an intelligence, back and forth across the video frames.

I asked other UFO researchers, and none seemed to know what it was that I was referring to.  
Then I had an encounter that completely changed my perspective of these things.
A journal entry:
"March 28, 1996.  I went to bed just before sunrise.  I was lying in bed, thinking about my latest venture in the film
business, when I felt compelled to open my eyes again.  To my shock, I momentarily saw a tiny floating ball of red
light spinning in a close pattern on my eastern wall.  It was doing a little dance that closely resembled that of a
bumblebee in flight.  Then it vanished.  I remember thinking that it looked like a laser “dot” – but the pattern of
motion implied to me that it was an independent sphere.  

A moment later, I felt an eerie presence in the room.  Specifically, it seemed to be positioned directly to my right, at
the side of my bed.  Then my right eye “whited-out” as if I had a flash bulb ignite directly in front of my face.  I
continued to feel a presence to my right and began to feel fear.   My tabby cat pressed up against my left arm, then
took off running.  I then bolted upright and jumped to my feet.

In the dark, I momentarily saw a miniature humanoid figure.  This thing was about half the size of the oft reported
‘grey aliens.’  This thing was brightly illuminated in the dark but was gone in an instant.  Its face looked like a cartoon
version of an animal skull with its eyes still intact.  I moved to the kitchen area in anger and haste.  

My right eye was burning and it was still recovering from the flash of light.  I felt like a little kid that was afraid of the
‘boogey man.’  I hoped and wished that I was hallucinating.  I fear that I might be entering a conscious stage of
abduction experiences.  I already feel that they ( the unknowns ) are aware of me.  I’m getting the willies just thinking
about it."
In the years since this event, I have seen the Orbs so
very many times that they have now become quite
commonplace to me.  In the late 1990's, via the internet, I
found that more and more other people were
photographing them as well.  Still, I wonder if the Orbs
simply show up in their photographs, or do they see them
as well??

It is my opinion that these things are around us at all
times.  They hide ( intentionally or not ) in light spectrum
that humans normally cannot see.  Yet perhaps animals
are aware of them -- I am not sure of this as of yet.  

A few days ago, I simply took my camera outside and
snapped a picture.  
"John Bro" Orb challenge:

There are a couple of ways that you can see these things for yourself.  Try this one first.  

Simply place yourself in your favorite lounge chair in a comfortable room in your home.  Make sure that the lights
in your room are turned down low.  Then relax and un-focus  your eyes.  You don't have to concentrate too hard.  
Just sit there and see if you don't notice little 'blips' of light.  At first, it may be out of the corner of your eye, as
that is where the greatest concentration of rods and cones are.  If it doesn't happen for you right away, just try
again later. Look for small 'micro flashes' of RED, White, or Aquamarine.

Or:  Set up a video camera in that same comfortable room.  Simply point the lens towards the center of your
space and let the machine record for 20 minutes.  When you are done, review the video, looking for quick
'flashes' or shadows that seemingly move past your camera.  When you see something like this, rewind the tape
to a point just before the movement, and in slow-motion, frame-by-frame, jog through that section of the tape.

Another trick.  Simply take a camera into a cemetery in the late afternoon or early evening.  Point your lens over
the main section of the headstones, and snap off a few pictures.  Later, download those pics onto your PC -- and
search the images for hints of orbs.

I believe that if a person repeatedly tests the theory, they will get results.  Please email me, and let me know how
it went for you.

"John Bro"
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November 07, 2005 - Hamburg, Michigan
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Brighton, Michigan, early November, 2005.  

This orb appeared in a photo taken of a church singer during a Sunday morning service.  If there is any correlation
between orb's color and intention, it is apparent that the 'white' ones are spiritual in nature.  Regardless, they apparently
aren't afraid of hovering in God's house -- and they are fans of Christian rock!! : )