"John Bro Orb Theory"
The Orbs phenomenon has been around since the beginning of time.  Not easily detected by the human eye, they are seen in very
specific angles and direct lines of focus in the visible light spectrum, much like a thin laser beam.   However, with proper planning,
technology can detect them.

I challenge any major production company to bring their crew and high-tech
equipment to my location, and I will prove the existence of this entity.
There are 2 alleged source classifications:
Hyper-inter-dimensional : "Spirit Technology"
Human & extraterrestrial shared technology:
""John Bro" theory of 'Orbs' tech
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                                                              PROJECT: ASP. -  ( Auto-sentient Plasma Magneto-spheres )

                                                                  Auto-Sentient- Electronic Low-frequency - transmitter/receiver -
                                                                  audio/video recorder - 360/3D-capable.  
                                                                  Remote-operated,  "swarm" deployment.

                                                                   Psy-ops: ( cerebral transmission capable )
Prominent colors observed: Red, White, Aqua-marine
"Now you too can see and record the Orb phenomenon"
New orbs pic of 2007