Optical Stealth
This is not a photo overlay.  It is actual technology being developed in Japan -- and is available to the public.
Its not far-fetched at all -- to apply the above concepts onto larger objects.  Sightings of
stealth blimps have been reported since the early-1980's.  Its only vulnerability would be
when it lines up in the vicinity between the sun and the observer.  (The clear blue sky
would cast a shadow)
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UFOs hidden under electromagnetic flux invisible to
human eyes but thousands of them are hovering all
around us

Staff Reporter
Feb. 16, 2005

Scientists in India finally understands how UFOs hover all around us without being visible.

In Pune, India, some DRDO (Indian Defence Research & Development Organization) engineers are busy
experimenting with a device that can see through the stealth effects of intense electromagnetic flux.

According to some of these super smart brains of India, the final stealth effects come from creating an
intense electromagnetic flux around any object. The Russians have been experimenting with similar stealth

The electromagnetic flux can be created through very advanced applications of super conductors. There
are paranormal means of creating this flux that make anything invisible in true sense. The electromagnetic
flux can be created through spiritual concentration by any human being. When such an event takes place,
strange phenomena happen. And people call it miracle, heavenly effects and so on. The scientists are
getting very early indications that electromagnetic flux is used to keep the UFOs invisible from human
eyes. Some animals have sensors that can sense energy levels beyond the electromagnetic flux. Probably
dogs or cats are seeing UFOs all the time. But they cannot express what they see.

According to these scientists, a device that can see through electromagnetic flux is able to see UFOs all
the time. The reason why UFOs are visible only in very rare cases and for a short time is as follows: When a
UFO enters the earth’s atmosphere and approaches an object or a destination in the earth, the UFO has to
transform from ultrasonic speed (speed of light times n) and maneuvering techniques to sonic or
supersonic levels and adjust to earth’s electromagnetic and gravitational effects. Right at that moment, to
avoid electromagnetic interference, the artificial flux is withdrawn for a very short span of time. After
reaching speed levels that the UFO can use in earth’s atmosphere, the electromagnetic flux or cloud is
regenerated and put all around the UFO.

That explains why in many countries the Air Force Pilots have chased an UFO only to have them disappear
in front of their own eyes. Based on this new discovery, there can be innumerable UFOs all around us.
There are early indications that teleport mechanisms will also come from advanced research of
electromagnetic flux.

Source: India Daily http://www.indiadaily.com/editorial/1629.asp
                                                                          Is not science fiction.
Actually, it is now old technology. See extended article in May 1997 issue of "Popular Science" magazine.