To benefit the MSU Small Animal Oncology Center
GeMay Woods Conference Center (7707 Conference Center Drive, Brighton).  May 18, 19, 20.  Ticket cost is $38.95 including
Genoa Woods Conference Center - 7707 Conference Center Drive, Brighton, Michigan.
Nancy Bailey's
"On Lining Up"
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Local Playwright’s New Project Helps Animals

When Nancy J. Bailey first wrote her romantic comedy, “On Lining Up”, she included a small part in the
cast for her trick dog,
Scorch.  Unfortunately, Scorch was diagnosed with cancer in 2005, before the play
ever came to fruition.  After six months of chemotherapy at
MSU, he finally succumbed to the disease.
“On Lining Up” has lived on, however, and will its debut was at Genoa Woods in Brighton on May 18, 19th
& 20th.

“It’s going on in memory of Scorch,” Bailey said.  “He was a great friend to me as well as a fellow
thespian.  It seems only fitting that the proceeds should go where he received treatment.”

Bailey went on to explain that 50% of the country’s dogs are diagnosed with some type of cancer.  “It’s
not addressed as publicly as it is with people, but believe me, it can be just as hard to lose a four footed
family member this way.”

Bailey, a Gregory artist and author, saw her first play produced in November 2006.  A dinner theatre
produced by Livingston Players called,
“Murder on the Intrepid”, it sold out during its brief two night run
at Waldenwoods Resort in Hartland.  
“On Lining Up” will be Genoa Woods’ first endeavor involving a
dinner theatre production.  The play is directed by
Paul Rice.  

It stars Hamburg’s John Wilkie as Bob, a man immersed in midlife crisis who decides to search online for
the perfect woman to bear his child.  Both
Rice and Wilkie were involved in “Murder on the Intrepid”.  Also
among the cast are other
“Murder” alumni including Kate Oliveri, Matt Moore, Jacob Rice, and Bailey

“It’s an independent production; just something I felt I could do in Scorch’s memory.  The new group is
called the
Renegade Players.  We are not a conventional theatre group.  We have no board of directors
and no home base; we’re just a collaboration of creative people.  So far rehearsals are going really well.  
There’s definitely a chemistry among us, having worked together before.  We are a group based on
respect and love and admiration for each other.  And, frankly, it’s a riot!  When a show starts out this
funny this early on, it’s only going to get better.  The audience will not be disappointed.”

Scorch’s part in the show was played by Bailey’s other dog, a German shepherd named Cajun, Bailey said.

“On Lining Up” is sponsored in part by Life’s Abundance Dog Food, a safe natural food not included in
the current recall.  

“On Lining Up” was hosted by Genoa Woods Conference Center (7707 Conference Center Drive,
Brighton).  May 18, 19, 20.  Ticket cost  $38.95 including dinner.  For more information, call
or surf to
Directed by Paul Rice
Hosted by:
starring: John Wilkie -  Kate Oliveri  -  Matthew Moore - Tim Oestreich -  Chelsea Oestreich -
Lynne Allen -  Jacob Rice -  Nancy J. Bailey -  Cajun von der Zalens - Cliff ( make-up )
45-year-old Bob thinks he has it all -- That is, except for the one thing
he really wants: A wife and child. He decides to go online looking for
his heart's desire. To his delight, this provides him an easy way to
meet women, but quickly learns that it isn't what he expected.

John Wilkie
Maggie  is a waitress with a quick and honest wit.  Longtime
acquaintance of Bob's - she  is rather plain.
Dream Girl is an attractive woman who appears in Bob's imagination
as he talks to real people 'on-line.'  

Kate Oliveri
Dancing Queen / Freddie:  Dancing queen is Freddie's screen
name - and he is an outlandish and beautiful drag queen.  

Matthew Moore
Mike is Bob's main antagonist, conscience -  and longtime friend.   
Only a very close pal could get away with such verbal assaults.

Tim Oestreich
TooCute / Angela:  A brainless nymphomaniac - with a bit of a split

Chelsea Oestreich
Beverly / CPA Babe: A genious / nerd, the most sensible and wise of
all of the 'internet freaks' dates - yet has issues with men.

Lynne Allen
Chefgirl R.D. / Fiona :  Fiona is a shallow and materialist money

Anne Oliveri
Jacob:  Maggie's eleven-year-old son.

Jacob Rice
Cliffy's Mom : Appears with a dog, shares icing-covered dog biscuit
picnic at the park.

Nanci J. Bailey
Cliffy : Dog.

Portrayed by - Cajun Von Der Zalens