This was another job that I got through
Kristian Sorensen's 'Alpha Company.'  
I intentionally did not take pictures of
myself in costume, as I don't agree with
the politics and views of 'klansmen.'  
And I did not want images to exist - that
could possibly be mis-interpreted at a
later date.

But I was a member of a team that
helped teach a large group of men to
perform a 'klan ceremony.'

After 5 days of hard work, we finally
filmed it - and viewers can be the judge
of how it came out.

It was an amazing experience to
participate in a Coen Brother's
production.  Considering how busy
they were, I found them to be very
approachable and friendly.  

I also got the opportunity to spend a
few moments talking with George
Clooney.  The man was so personable
and down-to-earth that it was hard to
believe it was actually him.  He also
had a great sense of humor.  
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