Next Level

March 1, 1996.  After practicing with some members of a local musical group “Reseda Groove Clinic,” I stepped out of
a studio in mid-Reseda, California and felt compelled to look high into the western sky.  In the hazy, late afternoon, a
singular speck of “pin light” blinked on as if by a light switch.  If this were the sun’s reflection off of an aircraft, the
plane would have to have been up about ten miles.

Three of us – “Crayton,” Mark Metcalf, and myself – watched it for several minutes as it was seemingly trailing away
from us.  As this daylight star continued to drop away, we noticed that it passed under a cloud, meaning that its
distance was much less than we had previously thought.  After five minutes of a slow descent, the light specter
stopped dead and hovered.  It slowly moved across the horizon for the next three hours.  I also noticed that its
brightness grew to over 300 %  of its original apparent size.  As my friends also saw this happen, they no longer think
that I am nuts.

Today, I received a package in the mail from Tim Edwards in Salida, Colorado.  He is the guy that recently videotaped
some startling footage of what apparently looks to be a great cigar-shaped craft over his home.  He had sent me
several photocopied press releases and a videotape of the stuff that he has been filming out in Colorado.  Most of it is
identical to what we are recording over L.A.  Also, he has gotten footage of some relatively clear objects that seem to
be standing still for the camera.

The footage was a bit shaky as Tim Wasn’t using a tripod.  After reading all of the information that he had sent, I can
say that his experiences are eerily similar to mine.  He also mentions some of the great emotional trauma that
accompanies seeing these things for the first time.  I don’t really know what it means to my part of this discovery, but I
am glad that I got the chance to communicate with the guy.

March 2, 1996.  This afternoon at approximately 5:30 P.M., I walked out onto the deck of the walkway of my apartment
building.  I again saw the silvery daylight star emerging.  Soon it made its descent into approximately the same area of
the sky.  Again, it stopped to hover, posing as the first visible star in the sky.  Most likely people will say that is was

March 5, 1996.  Today I received a package from Tom King of Phoenix, Arizona.  Inside the bubble-packed envelope
was a videotape labeled, “(for) John Bro: “UFO’s over America.”  It was done well for an amateur production.  By his
appearance in the videotape Mr. King looks to be in his mid-20’s.  He has long, brownish hair and seems to be over
six feet tall.

I could tell by his monologue that Tom isn’t a professional speaker, but he did get his points across.  The video
included a compilation of many tapes of the technique being used to record UFO’s.  I got a kick out of his tape.  My
favorite part of the production was when he showed video computer analysis of some of his best UFO footage.  I wish I
had the equipment he has.  He was doing ‘paste-ups’ and false-color enhancements.  This guy obviously is really
doing his homework.  I saw several things come into his frames that he could not have noticed or he surely would have
boosted of them.  At one point in his video, a huge bell with a dome came in from the left side of the screen, seemingly
checked out the camera, and left to where it first entered the frame.

I called Tom King at his home, and we talked for another hour or so concerning my first impressions of what he had
sent me.  I liked him.  Again, he was very excited about all of this.  If we were to actually meet, I think we would go on
and on for hours about all of this.  Tom also told me that he was in contact with the famed writer Whitley Strieber,
author of “Communion” and “Majestic.”  Tom said that Mr. Strieber was now aware of all of this and was getting very
interested.  Tom said that he will try to get Mr. Strieber to call me sometime.

I drove to the Van Nuys post office and sent off a lengthy letter to Tim Edwards in Colorado, thanking him for the
videotape and letter.  I also sent him a diagram of “The Technique” and photocopies of the pages of UFO
configurations that I had drawn.  They were larger copies of what was published in “Unsolved UFO Sightings”
magazine, back in January of this year.   So, I hope that I was honest and candid enough to have gained Mr. Edward’s
confidence.  I also hope that I didn’t come on too strong.  We’ll see what happens.

When I returned home, Robert Stanley from Unicus magazine was on the TV show “Hard Copy.”  Talk about your 15
seconds of fame.  Robert looked good and sounded intelligent, repeating his story of his personal connections to the
ET’s.  Unfortunately he was on and off so fast that I could hardly tell what the point of the story was.  At least he got
paid for it.  Besides that, it seemed no real statement was made by the piece.

March 8, 1996.  Shawn Lennon called me from Vista, California.  As we spoke, he was reviewing and cuing up UFO
footage that I had given to him over a month ago.  I know that that kind of stuff is expensive to have done if one were
to pay for it.  Shawn has done me a great favor to go through this stuff.  Shawn did comment that he had found some
of the strange stuff that was from August 15, 1995, taken over Winnetka, at Bob Bucher’s home.  Shawn was
specifically looking for the best images to put on the video presentation.  He sounded as though he had found it.  He
told me that he would be working on it throughout the night.  

March 9, 1996.  Tonight they repeated Tim Edward’s segment on the “Sightings” televison show.  I noticed that, in one
part of the story, the “SIGHTINGS” announcer voice-over mentioned that Mr. Edwards had received a phone call from
a noted UFO investigation group leader.  The continuing footage listened in on Tim’s side of the conversation.  In one
sentence, Mr. Edwards clearly stated that he thought that the phenomenon was a “localized, isolated incident.”

By the looks of it, the ‘SIGHTINGS’ crew was on the scene soon after the initial footage was taken.  It sure didn’t take
him long to get to the national media.  I believe that the tape said it was four days after the fact.  In my conversations
with Tim Edwards, he told me that he had an agent representing him.  That would partially explain how he got on
‘SIGHTINGS” so fast.  I can also tell, by looking at his footage, that they are not seeing much of what is going on in
front of them.  Again, all of the footage must be gone through in slow-motion, frame-by-frame review.  

March 11, 1996.  Shawn Lennon drove up from San Diego tonight.  I was able to meet with him after a long day of
work and music practice afterward.  We met at a hidden studio in Tarzana, California.  Shawn and I visited with the
musicians for another couple of hours before we came back to my apartment.  There we talked for hours, while
listening to music demos.  Shawn was very much in anticipation of what I would think of the job he had done on the

March 12, 1996.  I finally got a chance to look at the editing that Shawn did with the video footage I have been given
him over the past eight months.  It was very good.  It will save people a lot of time having to go through the hours of
continuous tape that I have compiled.  Shawn caught some of the best shots.  He put only the most visually
spectacular images into the presentation.  He didn’t want anything that would be discounted as being insects on the
compilation.  I have to say he has a very good sense of what is fantastic.

March 15, 1996.  This evening, I got another call from Tom King in Phoenix.  He was going to just leave a message,
but I picked up the phone.  Tom wanted to touch base with me and let me know what was going on.  Our talking
together is like too much coffee.  We are both, together and separately, so excited about this subject that is it is hard
to get in a word edgewise.  I’m sure that Tom would say the same.

I have told him a little about the new edits that Shawn Lennon has made on the footage, and Tom seemed intrigued.  
He was commenting on the high level of resolution quality found on the images of the ‘Reseda Saucer’ that I recorded
in July of 1995.  He told me that he still hadn’t been able to do any analysis because of a recent computer upgrade.  
He was still tying his systems together and learning how to use them.

Tom then when on to ask me some questions about my role as a space alien, on the Fox network show “SPACE:
Above and Beyond.”  He told me how stunned he was, contemplating that I discovered ‘The Technique’ and am also a
character on a sci-fi television show.  In an earlier package that I had mailed to Tom, I included a photocopy of a
Polaroid snapshot of me in my alien suit.  He told me that he has it stuck into a mirror frame at his home.  

Tom went on to tell me of how he first came across my article in “Unsolved UFO Sightings” magazine.  It seems that
one of his close friends called him one day in December of 1995.  The friend told him that he had found the magazine
and wondered if Tom King had written the article under a pen name.  Tom assured him that it was not his writing and
immediately ran off to find the magazine.  He also told me that he had seen and videotaped a craft that was surprising
similar to one that I had drawn on my diagrams.  I reassured him that every image on the diagrams was found on our
videotapes from here in L.A.    

I believe that Tom will be a lot of help.  He asked me if I would mind him putting the diagrams onto the internet.  He is
very excited about the whole thing, and I think that is great.  It sure is nice to know that I am not alone in all of this.  
Being united is our greatest power.  These guys know that I am not crazy, and I know that they are not.

Tom King also gave me the phone number of one of the homes owned by Whitley Strieber.  This number was
somewhere in Texas.  I called up, expecting a phone machine, but talked to a woman, a housekeeper, I suspect.  She
took my name and number along with a short note of why I called.  

March 17, 1996.  I got a call from Shawn Lennon this afternoon.  He was on a video shoot down in San Diego that
involved two Russian cosmonauts, training for MIR.  According to Shawn, the spacemen were on a short leave from
training with American astronauts in Houston, Texas.  At the conclusion of the on-camera interview, Shawn forwarded
a copy of the ‘John Bro Technique’ videotape to them.  When Shawn told them that the tape contained images of
UFOs that we have recorded, the cosmonauts reportedly were taken back by his words.  They knew what UFOs were,
even without speaking English.

Through an interpreter named Olga, the cosmonauts said that they were ‘big fans of UFO’s.’  Then one of the
cosmonauts asked Shawn if they would be able to watch it back in Russia.  Shawn was made to understand that they
were referring to the video formats that are used in other countries.  He responded, “ No. You will need to make the
format conversion.”

Shawn also told me that our friend Lee Lampkin was the cameraman and that he did get that moment on tape.  This is
very exciting to me.  I can hardly imagine the “John Bro Technique” tape being analyzed by the KGB.  Better yet,
maybe the cosmonauts will show it off to their friends at NASA.  Maybe the cosmonauts will simply keep the footage for
their own entertainment.  Anyway, my mind conjures up one hell of a scenario.  You really never know who will see
these presentations and publications.

March 19, 1996.  Today I got a message on my machine from Shawn.  He was calling to update the information on the
cosmonauts that he met on Sunday, March 17.  First, he told me that the men in question were scheduled to go up to
the Russian space station on mission MIR 23/NASA 4, on September 15, 1996.  Shawn then said that the cosmonauts
names were Colonel Vasily Tsiblieb and flight engineer Alexander Lazutken.

March 20, 1996.  Wednesday.  When I finally got to my phone messages, there was a call from Tom King.  “John, I just
called to give you an information update.  We wrapped up the story segment for the TV show “Paranormal Borderline”
today.  The story has changed so much.  God knows what its actually going to be once it is aired.  They’re not really
going into the sun-related phenomenon although they are supposedly going to briefly mention the sun.”

“The episode is basically – the only piece of my footage that they are using are cylinder-shaped craft that I have
recorded over Tempe.  They may include Tim Edward’s stuff – his cylinder-shaped footage that he recorded over
Salida, Colorado.  I don’t know.  I had talked to him the day that he videotaped stuff over Salida.  Subsequently, I have
recorded the same type object over Tempe, a few days after him.”

“So, Paranormal Borderline is not going to blow out the information, you know, a hundred thousand craft next to the
sun.  Jim Dilettoso kept mentioning you during his part of the interview.  They interviewed him for, like, five hours.  
They interviewed me for about 15 minutes.  They told us not to use your name because they don’t have your footage
in this deal.  Anyway you are hooked into the whole deal, and everyone knows it.”

March 22, 1996.  Tonight I met up with Richard Papasian and his girlfriend Jen.  We were going out to Thousand
Oaks, California, to meet up with Robert Stanley, of Unicus magazine.  The location was the Thousand Oaks Inn.  
Robert and I were there to speak before a MUFON meeting.  Richard and Jen were willing to go there and pay $6 a-
piece just to be there in support of me.

We came in through the back entrance of the inn.  There was a little reception room to the side of the main ballroom.  
There was a diner-style restaurant just around the corner and many people were passing through the corridors –
going to different places, different functions.  I felt fairly comfortable seeing that the place wasn’t too big, too
intimidating.  It was only MUFON, after all.

There was a line of people expressly going into the MUFON meeting.  Richard and Jen went into it, but I signaled them
over to where I was.  Robert Stanley was introducing me to the official hostess of the meeting, a Ms. Alice Levy.  I told
her that Richard and Jen were with me, and she let them in without paying.  Alice did that for me as a favor – as some
compensation for my volunteering to speak.  It was a bit ironic.  I was about to deliver some of the most challenging
information that these people may ever hear, and I was simply giving it away to them.

It is amazing to me how much people will resist the truth.  I was surprised to find how many folks at the Thousand Oaks
meeting were actually quite positive.  As Robert set out my diagrams, he put them alongside the other literature
offered to the audience.  People snatched them up like free cookies.  The scene was a bit hokey as I watched them
set up their overhead projection system.  They were going to run my video through that system as well.  Still, people
continued to file in.  The people collecting the gate were getting quite a box of cash going.

The official proceedings didn’t get started until after 8:00 P.M.  I was standing out in the hall with Robert talking as the
lead speaker went over past business of the organization.  At one point, I turned to Robert and casually said, “MUFON
has their head so far up their……”

I was remembering and referring to earlier encounters that I have had with some of MUFON’s members.  Robert gave
me a startled look and pointed to the wireless microphone he was wearing.   My immediate reaction was to laugh.  
Robert was worried that my comment may have been heard in the other room.  It would serve that organization right to
hear the truth from me.  It has been my long-term opinion that most of MUFON has taken a sleeping pill, especially
when it comes to dealing with my associates and I.  

Next they had a local UFO witness get up and tell her story of a recent sighting.  I’ve heard so many UFO stories that
they all seem to blend together in my mind.  This woman didn’t see any details of the ‘ships’ but watched illuminated
spheres accelerate at fantastic speeds over her home in Simi Valley, California.  

Then they had a rocker-type special effects guy showing off his incredibly realistic-looking ‘grey’ alien infant puppet.  
Much like a ventriloquist, the man, Mr. Steve Neill, was controlling the motion of the facsimile by running his hand up
inside the back of the thing.  Then he would make the required hand movement for the desired actions.  I was a bit too
keyed-up to enjoy the man’s presentation as much as I would have liked.

Soon Mr. Neill’s presentation was completed, and the hostess of the MUFON meeting, Ms. Alice Levy, introduced
Robert Stanley.  Robert wasn’t up at the podium for some 20 seconds before one man in the audience interrupted
him.  The spectator seemed rather uneducated and asked Robert a strange question.

“Hey.  Aren’t you some kind of movie guy?”

Robert Stanley was a bit putt off by all of this, but he told the spectator that his identity and information would be
explained during his presentation.  A little flustered, Robert then introduced me to the crowd of 200-plus people.  I
have to admit that I felt as though I were in a church revival meeting – looking into the faces of all of those folks
crammed into the long, narrow room.  I explained to the crowd that this was my first time speaking publicly on this issue
and that I was a bit nervous about it.  I know that I came off a bit clumsy in the beginning.  I didn’t have a speech
prepared; so I was shaky in getting started.

I just started speaking extemporaneously.  As I was talking, Robert Stanley put a clear mylar copy of the diagram of
‘John Bro’s UFO spotting technique” onto the overhead projection system.  Using Robert’s laser light pin, I was able to
use a pointer as I verbally walked the audience through the proper procedure of using the technique.

At that point, one man interrupted me, asking why I didn’t simply point my camera lens directly at the sun instead of
hiding under an overhang.  I then explained to him that it was the direct light that was rendering the object invisible in
the first place.  The man seemed satisfied, and I went on with my presentation.

At that point, Robert took the diagram of ‘The Technique” off of the overhead projecter and inserted my videotaped
footage into the system.  I was immediately disappointed.  The blown-up images were very much out of focus.  At that
point I had to explain to the audience what the images were.  I felt that the blurriness of my images lessened the
impact of my presentation.  Still I could see in people’s faces that they were very much appreciative of me.  People
seemed to like my presentation and were responding well.

Near the end of my speech, one man in the crowd put his hand up to ask a question. When I addressed him, the man
suspiciously asked, “Why haven’t the major news companies been announcing this information if, in fact, you are
telling us the truth??!”

I could tell that he was feeling pretty smug and proud of himself. My first response was to reiterate that I had had the
discovery information published in an article that went out internationally.  I then repeated that the TV show
“SIGHTINGS” had taped my story back in December of 1995.  I told them that it was scheduled to air on June 15,
1996.  Then I fired a parting shot at the heckler.

“As far as your question about the major media, why didn’t CNN or C-Span carry the Hoagland story?”

I was referring to a press conference of the previous day where an independent group of scientists were allegedly
disclosing information about NASA photos containing images of architectural ruins on the lunar surface.  Upon saying
this, I heard a low murmur emanating from the crowd.  I could tell by their timing and the looks on their faces that they
approved of my answer.

Then a man on the other side of the room asked me if it mattered what the day of the week was.  I didn’t quite
understand his question, but I was highly respectful of his inquiry.  I told him, as well as the rest of the folks in the
crowd, that the phenomenon has been visible on a continual basis as long as the skies are relatively clear.  I stretched
their credulity, when I told them that 100 percent of the time I have looked into a clear sky, I have found the UFOs to
be present.

I repeatedly stressed the immense need to exercise caution when dealing with near-solar photography.  That was
pretty much where I ended my presentation.  The crowd then gave me a round of applause that was beyond my
expectations.  I nodded to them in response.  I appreciated it.  It was at that moment that I knew that I was right to be
there.  Still, people were raising their hands – attempting to ask more questions.  

Robert was again moving toward the podium and reaching for the microphone.  I stopped him for a moment and put
my right arm over his shoulder as I was fielding one last question.  I then told the people that I would be going outside
during the intermission and would answer any questions that they had for me.  I handed the microphone over to
Robert and left the room amidst another round of applause.

As I walked outside, my mind immediately began replaying the scenario.  I felt that it came off well because of the
people’s reactions.  But I really didn’t know.  My mind had been operating on something akin to auto-pilot throughout
my presentation.  I went outside and smoked a cigarette.  Soon I was approached by Steve Neill.

Mr. Neill asked me again about the process that I was going through to record the UFO’s.  I repeated myself, and he
was listening intently to every word.  Soon afterwards, Robert’s presentation went on intermission for technical repair.  
At that point, many people came outside to hang around and talk to me.  Many types of folks were there.  I felt like
some sort of celebrity.  I talked with people for the next 30 minutes straight.  Many of them told me that they planned to
test out my experiment the next day.  They were wide-eyed and deeply enthralled with the possibilities.  

Then Robert Stanley resumed his seminar, and the people piled back into the little reception room, closing the doors
behind them.  Steve Neill remained outside with me.  We went on to talk about aliens and legends about them.  Steve
left for a moment but soon came back holding what looked like a photo album.  Actually it contained photographs of
some of his artwork.

As it turns out, Mr. Neill’s work is widely known.  He is an entertainment industry special effects creator.  As I looked
through his book, I recognized almost every piece in the collection.  I was very amused to find out that Steve Neill was
the creator of the character “Mac-Tonite,” the costumed piano-playing moon head of the McDonald’s restaurant chain.

I really loved Steve Neill’s work.  It was a big kick for me to meet him.  He then told me that he was the designer/artist -
of the extraterrestrial being character on the cover of Whitley Strieber’s book “Communion.”  Steve also told me that
he and Mr. Strieber were long-time friends.  Mr. Neill then said that Mr. Strieber has been dedicating a sizable amount
of his personal time and some of his public speaking time to “The Technique” and to some of the video footage that
we have been accumulating.  I believe that Mr. Strieber is seeing the videos that Tim Edwards and Tom King have
been shooting.  The collection of solar footage is mounting.  I would really enjoy speaking with Mr. Strieber.

March 27, 1996.  After working all night on a movie location, I was awakened by the phone ringing.  I did not get to the
phone in time to answer.  Robert Stanley was calling from his office.  I had had only a couple of hours of sleep; so I
poured myself a cup of coffee and tried to revive myself before I called Robert back.  Finally I was able to pry my eyes
and ears open – then dialed Mr. Stanley’s number in Manhattan Beach.

Surprisingly enough, Robert didn’t screen his call and picked up the phone on the first ring.  He sounded glad to be
hearing from me.  He had some interesting news for me.  According to him, Mr. Robert O. Dean had given him a call.  
Supposedly, Mr. Dean had been reviewing the first footage that Shawn Lennon had compiled back in August of 1995.

Mr. Dean was reportedly in Phoenix, Arizona, viewing my tape with a friend of his, a movie producer named Larry
Germain.  They couldn’t believe the quality of the images and were stunned.  Mr. Dean put Mr. Germain on the phone
to speak with Robert Stanley.  Mr. Germain wanted more information concerning “The Technique.”

This evening I was spending some time with my close friend Crayton.  I share some of my most personal thoughts with
this man.  Crayton suggested that I consider taking my story to ‘The National Enquirer” newspaper.  Crayton
suggested that I give this incredible story to an incredible publication.  That way, Millions of people would be shown,
whether they believed it or not.  In the past, this publication has exclusively scooped several news stories that later
turned out to be true.  I’ll have to think about that one.

March 28, 1996.  I went to bed just before sunrise.  I was lying in bed, thinking about my latest venture in the film
business, when I felt compelled to open my eyes again.  To my shock, I momentarily saw a tiny floating ball of red light
spinning in a close pattern on my eastern wall.  It was doing a little dance that closely resembled that of a bumblebee
in flight.  Then it vanished.  I remember thinking that it looked like a laser “dot” – but the pattern of motion implied to
me that it was an independent sphere.  

A moment later, I felt an eerie presence in the room.  Specifically, it seemed to be positioned directly to my right, at the
side of my bed.  Then my right eye “whited-out” as if I had a flash bulb ignite directly in front of my face.  I continued to
feel a presence to my right and began to feel fear.   My tabby cat pressed up against my left arm, then took off
running.  I then bolted upright and jumped to my feet.

In the dark, I momentarily saw a miniature humanoid figure.  This thing was about half the size of the oft reported ‘grey
aliens.’  This thing was brightly illuminated in the dark but was gone in an instant.  Its face looked like a cartoon
version of an animal skull with its eyes still intact.  I moved to the kitchen area in anger and haste.  

My right eye was burning and it was still recovering from the flash of light.  I felt like a little kid that was afraid of the
‘boogey man.’  I hoped and wished that I was hallucinating.  I fear that I might be entering a conscious stage of
abduction experiences.  I already feel that they ( the unknowns ) are aware of me.  I’m getting the willies just thinking
about it.

April 8, 1996.  The weather is heating up.  That means that we get clear skies on a more consistent basis.  Around
noontime, Mark Metcalf, from the band, was out in front of his house, in a residential area southeast of my residence.  
He set up his video camera alongside his family’s dwelling.  He continued to hold the video cam in his hands and
employed the technique.  He was immediately pulling images of UFO’s.

Soon a very long and brilliantly shining object came into Mark’s frame.  The audio track was on, and viewers would
later be able to hear Mark as he gasped in disbelief.  The way that the UFO moved and with its qualities of light
reflection, the object greatly resembled that large craft that appeared over Salida, Colorado, recorded by Tim
Edwards on August 27, 1995.

When I viewed Mark’s videotape, I noticed that the object came and left several times during its short performance.  
Once again, the object moved in a way that implied that its pilots knew that they were being observed.  It flew away,
then back, spinning sparkling colors as it swayed through a great expanse of sky.  Then the object moved over to just
by the edge of the house, hovered for a moment, and then took off like a bullet.

Next, a strange pulse of energy overcame the electronics of the older video camera.  The thing just shut itself off.  
Mark was beside himself with what he had just witnessed.  I imagine that the occupants of the UFO were also beside
themselves when seeing Mark videotaping them.  Maybe it even zapped his camera.  That wouldn’t be the first time
that something like that has happened while people are taping UFO’s.

April 10, 1996.  I got a call from Shawn Lennon.  He told me that he had spoken with Richard Hoagland today.  Shawn
was trying to spin some angle, connecting an interview with Mr. Hoagland and the Republican national convention that
is to be held in San Diego later this year.  The company Shawn works for will require him to have some good terrestrial
reason for committing a camera crew to an interview with Mr. Hoagland.

Shawn told me that Mr. Hoagland was very forthcoming in their conversation.  Shawn also said that he told Mr.
Hoagland of our work and that the man was interested.  They plan to speak to one another at a later date.  

April 12, 1996.  4:00 A.M.  I was listening to the Art Bell radio show until all hours of the morning.  I tried numerous
times to talk to him on the air but was not successful until the very end of Mr. Bell’s program.  I told him who I was, and
he immediately knew me.  I asked the man if he had received a recent letter from me.  And he said yes.

Art Bell stated that I should send my diagram of ‘The Technique’ to an astrophysicist, as he himself had no way of
knowing whether or not I was telling the truth.  I asked him to speak with Whitley Strieber on the matter.  Art then told
me that the show was ending.

And I said; “Goodnight, America!”

After I hung up the phone, I got a little mad, thinking how Art Bell had again pretty much given me the brush-off.  I then
decided to write him an e-mail.

“Dear Art,
This is “John Bro” in Reseda, CA.  I sent you the diagram on how to photograph and videotape UFO’s in the
vicinity/direction of the sun.  Although in our airspace, the UFO’s are using the sun for concealment.  The trick to the
technique is blocking out the direct light, yet telephoto ‘zooming’ your camera lens to the ‘infinity’ setting.  When I
talked to you on the air, you said that there was no way for you to know if this were factual.  Of course there is.  Take
a few minutes to try it.  But be prepared.  Thousands are finding out that the technique is legitimate.  Ask Whitley
Strieber, Robert O. Dean, or now, even Richard Hoagland.  

My associates and I have been recording UFO’s next to the sun for ten months now.  We have recorded dozens of
hours of this solar activity.   We have had some of it computer analyzed and have been told that it is definitely
hardware flying at high altitudes and at hypersonic speeds (re: Jim Dilettoso at Village Labs, Phoenix, Arizona. )

Skeptics across the country are now contacting me with positive results.  In L.A., this is going on every day.  I have a
100 percent hit rate on sunny days.  This is not going to go away if you brush me off.  You can hide under your bed,
or you can help us.  Which will it be??”

April 18, 1996.  Tonight on NBC-TV’s ‘Dateline,’ one of their segments revolved around statements made by ex-NASA
astronaut, Edwin Mitchell.  He was on the ground crew of the Apollo 14 moon landing.  That was the mission involving
Alan Shepard trying to tee off a golf ball.  Mr. Mitchell also got to drive the ‘moon buggy’ around on the lunar surface.  
Who knows what they actually found up there.

The segment of interest to me came approximately 20 minutes into the program.  I thought that the astronaut would be
talking about the wonders of the barren lunar surface.  Instead, Mr. Mitchell took a much different tack.  He talked
about E.S.P., telepathy, and extraterrestrials.  Near the end of the segment, he even stated that the government
should come clean on the issue of the alien presence.

Tonight on Art Bell’s radio show, the main topic was Mr. Mitchell’s television interview.  People were calling Art for the
duration of his five-hour broadcast.  I spend a good part of the evening trying to get through on his phone lines.  At 3:
43 A.M., I finally was successful.Firstly, I responded to a call that had come from the northeastern part of the country
on the previous evening.  Some poor guy had been making a plea for someone who had seen the ‘light spheres’ to
call in and confirm his story.

The listener, whose name I did not catch, commented that he was observing little balls of light come into his home and
seemingly taking pictures.  He was obviously upset.  I have been these things around us so many times that they have
become almost commonplace.  I know that they are somehow related to the UFO phenomenon.

During my on-air conversation with Art, I gave a brief explanation of the ‘ELF moths’ – (my name for the small spheres
of light – ((later known as ‘orbs.’)) – To an audience of several million people.  It is always a little nerve racking when I
am talking to Art Bell.  I paused for a moment to take a breath, and the man didn’t interrupt me.  I then told him that I
had sent him a second letter concerning the diagram of ‘The Technique.’  He remembered it immediately
Mr. Bell finally seemed to be in the mood to listen to me.  He told me to try to call a little before or a little after his show
airs and he may be able to see what he could do.  Art was the nicest that he has ever been with me.  Immediately, he
went onto another caller and onto a completely different subject.

April 25, 1996.  Today, as I watched another incredible display performed by the UFO’s over Los Angeles, a lone navy
jet passed low and directly over my apartment complex.  The human pilot had his plane turned on its side as he
seemingly looked down to see who I was.  It was an eerie feeling.  The military jet continued on a course due north
and out of sight over the Santa Susana Mountains.

April 30, 1996.  When I checked my answering machine, there was a message from Don Waldrop, the state section
director from MUFON-L.A.  I have been trying to locate the top people in MUFON for almost a year, and no one seems
to have any idea who actually has any pluck in the organization.  They are starting to look like a simple social group to

Mr. Waldrop went off on me immediately.  He was upset that, when I left a message on his answering machine, that I
implied that I might have some information that he didn’t.  He resented any young person trying to teach him anything.  
I wanted to slam down the phone on the man but realized that I must seize the opportunity to pass on my information.  I
feel that they really don’t want the question of the existence of extraterrestrials answered.  To them, it’s all about
charging admission at the gate.  P.T. Barnum would have been proud.

Another message came from a man named Burt Brown.  He was another MUFON person, and I was ready to wreak
havoc on the guy.  Much to my surprise, he turned out to be an open and friendly person, and he listened to me.  
That is all that I wanted.  I wasn’t trying to sell them anything.   I spent about and hour on the phone with the man.  I
could tell by his rhythm that he was following my explanation with great interest.  Burt Brown knew of, or personally
knew all of the people that I had mentioned during my recitation of the history of ‘The Technique.’  He even knows
Robert Stanley.  Theirs is a unique little clique that thinks that they alone know all of the latest Ufology.  They pride
themselves in this.  Personally, I think that they sit around, eating muffins and drinking tea.

May 7, 1996.  This afternoon, I placed a call to Village Labs, in Phoenix, Arizona.  I was hoping to speak to Jim
Dillettoso, but talked instead to a fellow name Michael Tanner.  Mr. Tanner told me that he was just thinking of giving
me a call.  I was immediately overcome by the subterranean feeling that my calls were being screened.  I felt that I was
not being allowed to speak directly to Mr. Dillettoso.  I played along well.  I talked to Mr. Tanner for over an hour.  

Throughout the course of the conversation, I felt that I was intentionally being steered away from Jim Dilettoso and
over to Mr. Tanner.  When I told him that I had new footage, Mr. Tanner suggested that I address any further
correspondence “Attention: Michael Tanner.”

In not so many words, it sounded like, “In the future, don’t try to directly contact Mr. Dillettoso.”

Mr. Tanner went on to say that he was very interested in putting together a major documentary of the story, using his
words, “from the beginning.”  Michael Tanner also told me the sequence of events had reiterated that they know that I
was documenting this solar stuff before Mr. Edwards and Mr. King.

We are all jockeying for a piece of this history.  It is funny and tragic simultaneously.  People trying to own this greatly
influence and retard the integrity of the information being distributed.  We can absolutely forget getting any help from
the major media.  They are too afraid of their own shadows to accurately depict truth.  So Mr. Tanner really told me
nothing and didn’t answer any of my questions.  It seemed like a campaign of confusion to me.  I can’t figure their
angle.  I will now make it a point to send Mr. Dillettoso a letter.

May 14, 1996.  This afternoon, I received a call from Tom King.  I immediately asked him if he had gotten the E-mail
that I had sent.  He informed me that he had not.  Interestingly enough, he thought to call me even though he had no
knowledge of my internet correspondence.  First thing I mentioned to Tom was that I had tried to get a hold of Jim
Dilettoso but my calls were intercepted by a man named Michael Tanner.  Mr. King interrupted me to say that Mr.
Tanner is both his and Tim Edwards’ commercial agent for their UFO footage.  Tom also said that there was
something less than forthcoming about the way that the agent wanted to release their stuff.

Tom said that Mr. Tanner wanted to keep away from the solar stuff altogether, saying that it is too easily debunked.  
Tom also said that the Village Lab guys are focusing their attention on getting the funding for a proposed multimillion
dollar expansion deal.  They are hoping to bring in a supercomputer.  If the question of UFO’s is solved too quickly,
they stand to lose out.  This gives me a little better of an idea of what I am up against.  Oddly enough tonight is the
night that “Paranormal Borderline” is airing the segment with Tom King and Tim Edwards.  

I was a bit late in getting a tape into the VCR to tape Tom and Tim’s story.  After missing the first minute or so, I finally
got the machine to record.  The segment began by entering beautiful downtown Salida, Colorado.  Then the scene  
switched to the inside of Tim Edward’s diner in the middle of town.  On television, it seemed like a pretty nice, homey
kind of restaurant.  Then Tim Edwards went on to speak about his experiences videotaping the cylindrical ship of
August 27, 1995.  The program also profiled Tim’s daughter.  She was the one who first saw the cylinder ship that was
seemingly hovering high above their home.  Tim’s daughter could only have been 7 or 8 years of age.  And to me, she
represents why we must answer this UFO question.  We adults have had a life already.  It is no longer about us.  We
are talking about the future of our children.

The young Edwards girl was very serious and clear eyed, looking straight ahead as she told her interpretation of what
happened on August 27, 1995.  It seemed so simple for the child.  She wasn’t fazed a bit by this ‘spaceship’ stuff.
The next segment was dedicated to Village Labs and their analysis of the video footage taken by Tim Edwards.  It was
obvious that Jim Dilettoso had spend a serious amount of time on the dissecting of the video images.  He had even
generated some computer graphics to show the relationship between the observer and the observed.

Ultimately, Jim Dilettoso determined that the object in the Edwards footage was definitely a large, solid object.  More
precisely, Jim said that the object in Tim’s video was in excess of a half-mile in length and somewhere around 75,000
feet up in the atmosphere.  That, as he pointed out, is somewhere around 15 miles up there.  As I studied the
videotape analysis, I have to say, the object greatly resembled ‘mother ship/cigar ship’ objects reported by George
Adamski, in his lectures and books of the 1950’s.  Let’s just say that there was an eerie similarity.  

Overall, I was very impressed with the work that Jim Diletoso and his team at Village Labs had achieved.  Everything
was looking good and sounding good until Jim seemed to say that the UFO’s were using Salida, Colorado, as a
gateway.  More precisely, he said, “What if the UFO’s were using Salida as a vector or geographical point of

May 15, 1996.  This morning I received a message on my phone machine from Whitley Strieber.  He informed me that
he would be coming to town for four days over the weekend and would love to meet with me.  It was a thrill to get a call
from him.  This afternoon I drove over to my friend Bob Bucher’s home, in Wynnettka.  We had planned to get
together and record more UFO footage.  I got to his place around 3:30 P.M.  It took us over an hour just to get the
‘time-date’ stamp to read correctly in the cameras’ visual display.  

There was certainly some sparse activity adjacent to the sun but that would not be the interesting footage on this day.  
A few minutes after 5, I saw something very large fly through the frame.  Several other UFO video sequences were
also outstanding.  It seemed that going to Bob’s had again yielded a good catch of sky specters.  I swear sometimes
that it is like fishing.  You have to have some patience.  But sooner or later, a person is bound to get a nibble.

Around 6:00 P.M., Bob had to call it a day.  I also had to go as I had an appointment I had to keep.  I got back to
Reseda at around 7.  The sun was at a low angle and the sky was hazy.  Still, over the mountains on the eastern end
of the valley, I saw a monstrously large cloud that was spinning in multiple levels with a discernible circular shape.  The
scene looked very much like a large UFO, loosely disguising itself in a cumulonimbus cloud.

I quickly ran up to my apartment and called Martha Brimer, hoping that I could get her to step outside and see the
thing.  Martha was excited and told me that she would call me back in a few minutes.  Unfortunately, the backyard of
her home is filled with trees and shrubs, and her view is obstructed.  Martha called me back and informed me that she
could not visually local the unusual cloud.  I then decided to go over to her home and help her find it.  I quickly
dropped what I was doing and drove to her home in Van Nuys.  When I got there, Martha ran out the front door and
handed me her video camera.  I took it back to my car and drove off, trying to find someplace in the valley where I
could get a clear shot of the eastern rim of the mountains.  

I did find such a spot.  It was in front of a convenience store at the corner of Woodman and Erwin street.  Again,
another setback.  Martha’s camera is now defective.  It needs maintenance.  The background images are all washed
out and the foreground is almost gone.  I wouldn’t be able to record the anomaly that had formed over the L.A.
national forest area.  So I took the camera back to Martha’s place, apologizing, yet knowing that I had done my best.  I
had to drive back home to Reseda then, to retrieve the tape that I had earlier recorded over at Bob Bucher’s.  Martha
and I were going through it because it seemed that I had gotten some good shots.  Also, Martha thinks that she has
figured out a way to record video stills off of one VCR onto the regular-speed operation of another.

Actually, Martha found that she can intermix action shots with stills.  We ended up having a pretty good time with it,  
The latest tape was loaded with large, clear images of UFO’s.  The majority of them looked like large metal hot dogs
with variable vanes seemingly acting as wings.  The UFO’s closely resembled the overall mechanism of our modern
guided missiles.  The two most pronounced differences being their relative size and the fact that the vanes on the
UFO have appeared to be affixed backwards on their main fuselage.

I have noticed that some of the more exotic UFO’s often appear to be flying in reverse to their design.  They seem to
have their fins on backwards.  Maybe there is some aerodynamic of note therein.  Another possibility is that the fins
aren’t physical entities, but visible energies within the proximity of the crafts.  I recorded several new UFO
configurations on today’s tape.  The entity continues to expand and open up to us.  It is apparent to me that some of
the UFO’s are using each other for propulsion and protection.  They are definitely sometimes ‘piggy-backing’ each
other before separating to accomplish their individual missions.  Something on the lines of a magnetic sling shot.  It is
amazing to me.  I am now peering into an alternate reality.  It is both invigorating and scary.  

Sometimes the UFO’s appear to be swimming in schools like fish.  Other times they are playing follow-the-leader or
look like a string of pearls.  This aerial ballet goes on and on.  It is incessant.  For my friends and I, the visitors have
come.  Martha and I listened to the Art Bell radio show while we pieced together another unbelievable video
compilation to release on the poor and unsuspecting public.  We can never go back.  Our world has changed forever.  
It is amazing how well we have adjusted to the change.

May 17, 1996.  Steve Neill of Dreamland Effects called this morning to give me the information on where Whitley
Strieber will be speaking tonight.  Steve gave me every detail, except the time that the engagement is to begin.
I finally was able to talk to Steve’s roommate, sometime around 8 P.M.  He told me that the meeting had already
started.  He then told me that he and his girlfriend were still planning to go because Steve was supposedly going to
introduce them to Whitley.   I decided that I would also give my best effort to meet the famed author.  I knew that, if I
wanted to get my message across to him, I would have to personally put it into his hands.  There could be no
secretary or middle man.  Also I instinctively felt that I may get only one shot at meeting Mr. Strieber.  I was feeling
rather serious.  This was serious business to me.

Sometime around 8:30 P.M., I arrived at the lobby entrance of the Newbury Park Holiday Inn.  I was dressed casually
and carried my beat-up old briefcase with me.  Before I had even gotten into the reception room, I ran into the owner
of the photography shop that had done the initial analysis on my UFO footage.  The man had come to attend the
MUFON meeting with his wife, his daughter and his new granddaughter.  I shook the man’s hand.  Then I went to the
room where the MUFON meeting was taking place.  Several people there recognized me immediately.  Because of that
recognition and because of the fact that I had missed over an hour of the presentation, I was let into the place without
being charged.

Soon I was situated in the back of the room.  I had accidentally bumped the woman in front of me, and she was giving
me dirty looks.  I was in a seat about 30 rows back from the speakers’ podium.  Finally, there in front of me – and
some 20 yards away – was Whitley Strieber, himself.  I have been studying this man’s work for years.  Whenever he is
on television or in print, I always try to get access.  To me, he is a major icon of the genre.  As I sat and listened, I felt
my stomach churning.  Anticipation of how I was going to approach Whitley Strieber was cause enough for my
nervousness, let alone what I was hoping to talk to him about.  How would someone that I have admired that much
react to me?  Normally celebrities disappoint me when I meet them in person.  I am not a big fan of most stars as I am
of Whitley Strieber either.  To add to the gastro twist, Mr. Strieber twice mentioned the UFO’s over Colorado and
Arizona.  Again, I felt passed over.  Again, Los Angeles was not mentioned.

It is almost as if there was an information blackout.  When it comes to the fact that the solar activity had been recorded
en mass and over Los Angeles, no member of the media or any private organizations seem to pay any attention.  
They certainly aren’t passing it along it they know or care.  Once again, it is as if they all have taken a sleeping pill.  I
just don’t understand it.  I have been telling folks for nearly a year.  A few moments later, I ran into Steve Neill.  He had
a table set up on one side of the room.  On it were lithographs of his alien art work.  He also had a couple of his movie
special effects rubber props on display.  Steve looked worn out.  He was not very talkative, but was trying hard.  

I pulled a steel folding chair over by Mr. Neill and sat listening to Mr. Strieber speech. Before the man had concluded,
folks were coming up to me, asking me about the solar phenomenon.  I simply told them that, for me, the entity’s
presence continued to expand.  I ever handed out a couple more diagrams of ‘The Technique.’  Then Mr. Strieber
concluded his speech and started walking to the back of the room.  I watched him almost in slow motion as he was
coming back toward our position.  People were all crowded up around him.  I could see that it was going to be very
hard for me to get a chance to speak with him.  I was trying to figure out a way that I could cause an interaction without
being pushy about it.

A few minutes later and Whitley Strieber had walked up within ten feet of where I was sitting.  People were gathered
around him like hornets on a hive.  I’m surprised that the poor guy could take a breath.  Literally 30 people were trying
to press up against him.  You would have thought that he was a good luck charm.  So I studied him from that short
distance.  What could I find out – psychically peering into the right side of the man’s head?  Just then, Whitley Strieber
looked over at me, and his eyes widened.  He started to walk toward me, right hand extended.  I was trying to figure
out who he was looking at.  The Mr. Strieber said, “John Bro, good to meet you.”

The people around him stopped dead in their tracks, trying to figure out who I was and why Whitley had sought me out
of the group.  I was doubly stunned.  I had no idea how Mr. Strieber could have known who I was.  I wasn’t speaking,
and I had been sitting down.  I hadn’t been on television with all of this yet.  Any photo that he might have seen of me
would have been email.  The guy blew me away, right out of the gate.  How did he know me by sight?  I almost didn’t
even know what to say to him.  Mr. Strieber was then quickly whisked away.  I looked over at Steve Neill, rather
dumbfounded.  Steve just smiled as he thought it was funny.  Steve went on to say, “Whitley does that kind of thing to
people all of the time.”

All I could do was sit there and ponder.  I decided that I must find a way to get the ‘John Bro’s Technique’ videotape
into Whitley’s hands.  I would also give him a compilation booklet containing photos, diagrams, articles and letters.  I
knew that I might not ever get another chance to give these to Mr. Strieber.  Soon Mr. Strieber had set up a table and
was signing his books which some people had brought with them to the seminar.  As Whitley was signing, people were
getting in line and standing right next to me.  Again, people were grilling me on my progress.  At times it even impeded
on the line to see Whitley.  I politely answered questions as quickly as possible and then encouraged folks to go see

I certainly did not want to make the guy mad.  Then I got in line.  Soon I was up in front of Mr. Strieber.  I told him that I
had been carrying his book “Majestic” around for some time and asked him if he would please sign it.  He smiled as he
took the book into his hands.  As he began to autograph my copy of his book, Mr. Strieber asked me if I had received
his calls.  I told him that I had.  He informed me that he really wanted to talk to me about my video footage and
subsequent findings.  He even said that he would like a copy of my videotape for use in public presentations that he
makes.  It was all very unclear, but I did believe that I would get another chance to speak with Whitley later in the

Soon after the signing, Whitley was out of there.   I turned around for just a moment, and he vanished.  Steve Neill was
sitting next to me, and then he was gone as well.  After sitting a few more minutes, it occurred to me that they weren’t
coming back.  A few moments later, I saw Mr. Strieber and his wife were sneaking down the hallway toward the hotel
restaurant.  I made it a point to follow them, getting close enough to call out their names.  Whitley turned around
quickly and immediately locked me into his focus.  He addressed me by name and even invited me to sit and have
dinner with them.  Unfortunately, the restaurant kitchen was now closed.  I watched my best chance slip through my

Then Dr. Leir of MUFON interrupted us, telling Mr. Strieber that they had a special presentation that they wanted to
make to him.  Mr. Strieber jumped at the idea of a gift.  He was all ears.  Dr. Leir’s proposal made the Striebers forget
all about dinner.  So I went back into MUFON’s meeting.  They interrupted the current speaker to make a big deal out
of presenting Whitley with a cheap, nickel-plated ink pen.  I was desperately trying to pass the man testable proof of
extraterrestrial existence but was being pushed aside for pomp and circumstance.  I really needed those peoples’ help
but they were too completely enthralled with the proceedings to notice.  

Then the Striebers again disappeared.  I started to feel as though they were trying to give me the slip.  I made a
decision that I was going to put my package directly in Whitley Strieber’s hands.  It was now obvious to me that I would
have to be a little pushy or the exchange simply would not happen.  The brass ring was passing me by.  I was now
approaching the nuisance zone.  Ironically, while talking to Dr. Barbara Lamb, I was taken to the room in which both
Whitley Strieber and Robert O. Dean were seated.  Actually, there was a room for ‘UFO dignitaries’ already set up.  By
using the correct words, I coaxed Whitley Strieber out of the hotel room and got him to wait on the sidewalk while I
went back to the hotel reception room and retrieved my dilapidated briefcase.  I was back with the man in almost no
time.  As I gave him the booklet that I had made the night before, Mr. Strieber told me that he already had this material
in his possession.  I then gave him the videotape.  He didn’t say anything about already having that.  Within 30 more
seconds, I was done and on my way.

May 23, 1996.  This afternoon, I called up Robert O. Dean.  I had spoken with him for just a moment at the recent
MUFON meeting.  Mr. Dean was very happy to hear from me.  He first commented that I had created quite a stir with
my article in the UFO magazine.  He then congratulated me on my findings.  Mr. Dean went on to tell me that a
physician out in Tucson had tried ‘The Technique’ and had gotten amazing results.  When the witness found out that
the Deans knew me, he was very interested in getting my number from them.  The witness reportedly was desperate
to talk to me about this stuff.  

May 25, 1996.  This morning, I got a call from Whitley Strieber.  This time, it wasn’t my calling him.  I thought that that
was fantastic of him.  I was getting a bit down with this UFO stuff.  The call from Whitley was a great pick-me-up.

“John.  It’s Whitley.  I’ve been trying to get a hold of you.  It seems like your line has been busy for days.  Listen.  I’ve
done some work on your tape, and I have some questions.  I would also like to talk to you about what we are doing up
here in San Antonio.  Give me a call at your convenience.

It was awfully good meeting you, and it is obviously a very fascinating piece of material.  It is one that I think is quite
valuable to science.  The thrust of what I am doing is trying to get interest in this among the scientific community.  It is
an unknown phenomenon.

I’m not even mentioning UFO’s.  This is obviously something even beyond that, and I don’t have to get into it with
them, which is good.  I’m making some progress, and I’d very much like to talk to you about it.

I’d like to find out if you have a longer segment of footage that you could send to me.  And, what was it like at the
moment that you taped those?  Did you know that you had filmed them??

It was very good meeting you, as I said.”

May 26, 1996.  A little after noon, I decided that I would call Whitley Strieber’s answering machine and leaving him a
short message.  Much to my surprise, a woman picked up.  I think it was Whitley’s wife, Anne.  I told her who I was and
that I had a message for Whitley.  She then asked me to wait and summoned him.  I could tell that the man was
honestly excited to talk to me.  I was nearly speechless having him on the line with me.  Still, I was determined to make
several key points concerning ‘The Technique.’

Mr. Strieber was very gracious and allowed me to talk even in my frantic state.  He repeatedly told me that he thought
that my story was fascinating.  I finally had the ear of someone at the top of the field.  Mr. Strieber asked me to send
him some more real-time footage so that he could see the entire sequences, instead of just stills from the videos.  He
is especially interested in a frame that I caught over at Bob Bucher’s house back in August of 1995.

Soon after I had hung up with Whitley Strieber, I realized that I had gotten a phone machine message from Steve
Neill.  After a short period, I called him back.  Much to my surprise, they guy actually picked up his phone.  Steve
informed me that he had spoken with Whitley, even after I had talked to him.  Steve told me that the lab that Mr.
Strieber was working with was somewhere there in San Antonio, Texas.  As Mr. Strieber is a celebrity, he gets answers
a lot faster that we have been able to.  He has friends that give him video analysis with days.

According to Steve Neill, the people at this particular video lab have concluded that my footage is real.  They added
that it is recordings of massive vehicles performing unlikely maneuvers at hypersonic speeds.  That sounds rather
familiar to me.
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