Murder on the Intrepid
Cast: Julie Melody, Christina Miller, Angie Montague, John Wilkie,
Paul Rice, Steve LaHale, Kate Oliveri, Nancy Bailey & Thom Shea.
The Captain ( Paul Rice) and Sunny Delight ( Nancy Bailey) greet guests
The Ledy Family (Angie, Thom, Chris, John) have a typical disfunction.
Elvira ( Kate Oliveri) tests the waters of bartender Esau Delight
Chiguita ( Julie Melody ) looking stunningly gorgeous backstage.
Flirtatious Elvira working the crowd ( and this man's wife's last nerve )
The rambling insults of Donna Ledy ( Christina Miller ) prompt a Chiguita attack.
This goofball ( Thom Shea ) is actually the director -- as well as Sam Ledy
Scott ( John Wilkie ) dresses down the 'bad Mommy.'
Esau ( Steve LeHale) - obviously is preparing another pun.
Cindy ( Angie Montague) running off with her love 'Grego' ( Matt Rice )
Photos courtesy of Mr. Jim Melody - November , 2006
Elvira ( Kate Oliveri) tests the waters of bartender Esau Delight
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Poor Sunny ( Nancy Bailey ) doesn't even seem to notice that I am following her
around.  ( okay... that had nothing at all to do with the play... -- but... just sayin' --
she is a marvelous lady - regardless of her singing rendition of 'the Love boat.' )
November 17 & 18th, 2006 - Waldenwoods Resort - Hartland, Michigan
Nancy Bailey's