A.K. Mars-Gate
More evidence of High strange-ness
on the Red planet
"I recently saw this on the Net and thought this it was absolute fraud - so I reviewed original
'Spirit' photo -  for the purpose of '
debunking.'  My findings were NOT what I expected."
[             ]
area of
photo crop
Full panorama from 'Mars Spirit'
[               ]
area of
photo crop
"This photo crop is directly from original NASA/JPL photo.  Anyone can verify
this for themselves.  I was shocked by the figure's humanoid resemblance - to say
the least."  
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Humanoid figure on Mars??
"Cropped 'close-up' of the 'face' in the alleged figure from AK's photo app."  
"98.9% of the Universe is outside  
our visual range -
Hertzean Wave.  
Hertz demonstrated that there are
long, transverse waves that travel at
the velocity of light and can be
reflected, refracted, and polarized .
There are many ways to discover
things unseen , Infra red ,
Ultraviolet , Mathematics , Electron
Microscopes etc etc etc . Using filters
on photographs is a very ordinary
standard procedure ."
'Arcturian Kontakt'
Photowork - by Johnn
" ( fig. X1 ) is enlarged on Paintshop Pro .  Anyone with Paintshop Pro or Photoshop can
down load the image - zoom in on the image - crop the image and lighten the image to 50%
fig. X2 ) It's that simple"  'AK'
Take the 'AK Mars-Gate' challenge.
Click here for Mars 'Spirit Rover' image
We say that anyone can do this.  So, just download the original
NASA image - cut and paste 'the figure' into a new image file - and
then take the steps mentioned in the text up by the previous pictures.
Mars Images property of NASA/JPL - courtesy of 'NASA.gov' website.
We here are not convinced
that this is an image of an
8-inch tall alien - or their
statuette. But with all of
the implied detail in the
digital information, we also
feel that the explanation of
it being a simple rock
formation is also lacking.  
So, if we are correct - what
are the remaining potential

1 ) an intentional 'social test' to gage
public reaction & with 'built-in'
ultimate 'dismissal.'

2 ) Someone's 'practical joke'
directed at 'gullible UFO faithful.'

3 ) a Clue or 'primer' - provided to
us by an insider - urging us to look
more closely at Mars images.
enlarged 400%
Are there clues 'cut-and-pasted' into the  Mars PIA 'sol'  image?  
"One private researcher sent us the image below.  He noticed that apparently, the Mars
'Humanoid' figure was 'pointing at something.'  Then he drew a corresponding straight line
corresponding to what he felt that the focus point might be.  This gave birth to the idea of
the figure possibly being a primer.  But what is the puzzle? "
If the object is indeed real - this may be its actual size.
Both black/white & color files show 'jpg compression'
= 'cut-and-paste' ???
4 different images taken by 2 different cameras - over 2 mins - verify figure's shape.
[       ]
However, object within the brackets changes position from left to right  lens perspective.
[        ]
Another image of 'figure.'  
This one 'moved'???
Looking suspiciously like statues at the entrance of Luxor - ATS member 'Iammonkey'
brings this
MARS image to our attention.  It originates from NASA's webpage.
Larry 'LawWalk' of Texas adjusted the contrast on the 'Mars Figure' image to
a darker grade - and discovers what looks to be yet another
'Mars Figure' in the
controversial image.