Continuing investigation into the recent findings of
'Arcturian Kontakt'
A.K. Mars-Gate
More strange-ness on the 4th planet
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area of
photo crop
Another oddity in background of 'Spirit' image
"Airbrushing or another 'rock'??  It is not the sun rising.  Sun is shining from
right side in this pic."                
Seeing the sights
with Mars rover.
"The Rover is not the Rover. It is completely integrated into the image. The background image is fake. If
you look carefully, you can see the background overlapping like Jello or plasticine right up to and onto the
Rover. There are even straight lines and right angles that resemble fabric."  
Arcturian Kontakt
But could filters also be the
cause of images like this??
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A.K. Mars-Gate
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"Cut-and-paste' - Mars Rover style??"
"Admittedly, the Mars rovers use filters for all photography - and 'false color' is
routinely used to enhance detail in their images.  Because unbalanced light and
shadow can sometimes impede higher resolution, this is simply how it is done.
Other light spectrum analysis is also pertinent."
Do we just ignore it - or does is mean something?" Johnbro
Mostly, it is simply a matter of looking closely at seemingly normal landscapes...
And we have found that it is not at all unusual - to discover odd features on Mars.
"Even staunch skeptics
must concede that
finding perfectly
rectangular & massive
openings in the sides
Mars mountains would
evoke a second look.  
But then, they quickly
go about the business of
rapid dismissal with a
'scientific explanation.'  
Some of these images are just far too tantalizing to 'pass up' an investigation.
A.K. Mars-Gate
Ophir Chasma, Mars
Ophir Chasma, Mars
Ophir Chasma, Mars
'Hole in one'
'Mars bunny'
More 'coincidences' in the Mars rover 'Sol' images
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area of crop
Rotated 180 degrees
SW of Hellas, Mars
Mars Global Observer image