A.K. MARS-GATE photos
Continuing investigation into the recent findings of 'Arcturian Kontakt'
"As a Test - I downloaded several random normal panoramas from the net , you know - like
valleys / mountains, landscapes. As I applied the same emboss & sharpening,
NONE came
out similar to those of the Marscapes !!! You can test this for yourself!"
 Arcturian Kontakt
NASA/JPL photo Sol603A_P2374_R1-A603R1
Evidence of photo tampering on official Mars images??
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Area of data extraction
"When A.K. first sent me the files, they resembled lead-grey 'low-relief press molds.'   I did not initially
understand the details of what he was trying to show me.   After enlarging the images, then adjusting their
mid-tones and light contrasts - I was startled to find how much it resembled a city skyline.  If this were merely a
'pixelation' issue of the computer software, I could not get it to repeat exact same patterns."
"Not trying to be funny here.  When I enlarged this alledged Tower' - the resulting image reminded me of walking
through an airport parking lot.  It is getting stranger by the moment."
"If these images are not accurate representations, they are - in my opinion - at minimal, amazing facsimiles.  To me,
these files contain at least as much detail as '
moon structures photos' - and now, I really want more answers!" jb
Repeatedly, these images resemble dense urban areas.  
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A.K. Mars-Gate
A.K. Mars-Gate
"See the above image - and the area of extracted imagery becomes more apparent.  
Increasing enlargement of the 'photo crop' provided increasingly tantalizing patterns
Enlarged 200%
Testing other Mars photos - for comparison. Does the 'pixelizing
' repeat itself?? "I embossed the skylines of the original NASA photos. Actually, I
cropped , sharpened and embossed the images. Emboss allows for greater detail without the
distraction of color. Nothing has been added to the images . However colour has been
Arcturian Kontakt
"With a little color enhancement, it is quite amazing what some of these images can imply"  'Johnbro'
Original crop
Color Highlighted
"Picture is first embossed and then sharpened. No matter what I did to the
images, I could not get the '
buildings' to reappear in this picture."  'Johnbro'
Enlarged 200% - contrast and mid-tones adjusted
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Anonomous submission shows 'terracing' on bottom rt
Hidden down in cavernous recesses - oddly familiar shapes
Very similar to earthly 'aerial recon' images of facilities.