This interview really was arranged by a good friend
and lovely woman, Mrs. Doris Hollander, video editor
at KNBC News for in Los Angeles.  I truly doubt if it
would have happened without her.  She also has her
own cable show in the L.A. area -- and I got to appear
on that program a couple of times.

And it was great to get to hang around at the Burbank
studios of NBC -- on the same lot -- and in the same
building where they tape 'The Tonight Show - with Jay
Leno.'  I Passed him walking through the corridors
there.  He didn't seem quite so jolly as he does on TV.

Not so ironically, NBC aired my segment on
Holloween.  I guess they thought it was kind of
'tongue-in-cheek.'  Anyway,  I caught the anchors
laughing at me a couple of times, when they thought I
wasn't behind them.  But I guess that goes with the

Fritz Coleman was cool.  I liked him -- and had been
watching him for so many years, it felt as if I knew
him.  And I got to meet Kent 'After' Shocknek.  He was
the guy that ducked under his desk - live -- during the
series of earthquakes in January 1994.  He was a nice
man -- but I imagine that incident is a little hard to live

But I love Doris.  Her and her husband were always
very kind to me -- and they got me access to a world
that I never would have seen otherwise -- the
westcoast hub of the NBC news network.
Aired on October 31, 1998
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