The infamous "John Bro" presents:
September 27, 1995 - My friend Martha Brimer's close friend Peggy called today.  During our
conversation, she again asked how I figured out "The Technique."  I made sure to be short
and as thorough as possible.  She went on to congratulate me on my findings and gave me
the phone number of a radio talk show host who is a friend of hers.  She told me to call him,
that he might be able to help me in getting this information public.

The Man's name is Jeff Rense.  He does a show called 'End of the Line' - out of Santa
Barbara, California, on KQSB radio.  He just recently interviewed Robert O. Dean, live on the
air.  I called Jeff at his home and he eagerly listened as I gave him a brief synopsis of my

The man simply replied; "This is the biggest thing to come the pike in years!'
October 1, 1995.  I had a meeting with Jeff Rense scheduled for over at Peggy's house today.  I would also be meeting up with
Martha for the first time in a few weeks.  Jeff didn't show up until around 2:30 P.M.  He and his brother-in-law did not seemed too
thrilled to meet me.  I saw interest, but also felt the guy's anticipation that they were possibly on another wild goose chase.  The first
hour and a half of our meeting consisted of Martha and Peggy nervously recounting their stories.  Then Jeff turned on a tape
recorder so that he could record an interview with us.  I noticed that, when it came to answering Jeff's more technical questions, the
two women became quiet and let me do the talking.

Soon Jeff had to take his brother-in-law back home.  He pledged to return within an hour.  After 45 minutes, Jeff came back.  Then
we all headed over to Martha's house.  When we got to her place, She hurriedly inserted her video footage into her VCR.  For the
next 45 minutes we were treated to a frame-by-frame review of her tape from July 20, 1995 - "Great Diamonds of the Valley."

Martha has videotaped some very interesting stuff, but I have seen the footage so many times that I wasn't very concentrated on the
subject.  Then Peggy suggested that we all look at a tape that I had brought along with me.  Martha graciously agreed and finished
her presentation.  Then she threw in the tape that I had compiled last week.

The first video short that came up was of my initial 'Reseda Saucer' sighting.  When we walked through it in slow motion and then
froze the frame, Jeff's eyes widened.  Peggy asked him what he thought it looked like.

He laughingly replied; "A stereotypical flying saucer!"

October 22, 1995.  Today I drove up to Santa Barbara to meet with radio personality Jeff Rense.  He does his show 6 nights a week
out of Geleta, just outside of Santa Barbara, California, on 990 A.M. KQSB.  He has many top-level connections in the UFO research

We met at a restaurant which was located right next to his store.  There he sells holistic remedies, books, and informational videos.  
After dinner, Jeff took me over to his shop and we looked at copies of video footage that I had taken over the San Fernando Valley.  
We also looked at footage taken by Shawn Lennon over Vista / Oceanside.  

Jeff is very interested in this stuff.  He still thinks that a lot of it is insects flying past, but he knows that some of it is not.  We probably
spent an hour reviewing tapes, and he was listening closely to my explanations.  Jeff warns me to be careful about what I say in
public and what I say in private.  He says that folks will discount my statements if I were to veer off the line of facts and delve into
speculation.  In other words, those things that I cannot prove or provide some articles of evidence of should be kept off the record.

We wrapped up the evening sometime around 9:00 P.M.  I left him with a tape of three segments.  The Reseda Saucer, the Vista
ships, and the Wynnetka footage of the same kind of things.  Jeff plans to have the videos analyzed and reproduce some stills from
the footage.  Then he plans to report his findings back to me and promises a radio interview in the near future.

January 8, 1997.  Tonight I was a guest on Jeff Rense's show "End of the Line."  I came on after Michael Lindeman, and spoke from
6:00 P.M. until 7:00 P.M.  I was nervous before the show.  At times, I felt as if I would hyperventilate.  I don't really know if it is the fact
of having to speak publicly, or if it was the subject matter.  It was just a feeling of panic that was hard to shake.  This lasted right up
until air time.  As soon as we were live, that feeling greatly diminished.  Then I was mostly concerned with getting my information out
concisely and accurately.

The interview went quite well.  Jeff asked me the usual range of questions.  It is almost textbook to me now.  Honestly, I think that I
could tell people the questions that they will ask about this subject.  Jeff and I talked mostly of the initial phases of the discovery and
the recording of the "Reseda Saucer" image.  I think that we were basically trying to stay within the realm of what was recognizable to
people.  Also, we tried to be entertaining, if at all possible.  I know I had fun with a very serious subject.  I hope that someone out
there in the middle of nowhere also listened and got something out of it.  All in all, it went too quickly for me.  Jeff indicated that he
felt that the show went well, and we pretty much ended it there.  I appreciate his time.  It was a good experience for me.
The "John Bro Technique" on the Jeff Rense Program
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