Hyper-jet Technology
Exponential to the speed of sound
The government has been denying them for years, but finally -- the hyper-jets are beginning to be shown to the
public.  In actuality -- they have been around for more than a decade.  For some reason, NASA has chosen now to
release the 'beginner's version.'  One can just image what really exists.... considering they have decided to show us
this now.  Welcome to the 21st century.
Officially, the X-43A has a top speed of 9.6 Mach.  
Introducing: Aurora class hyperplanes
Allegedly equipped with:
MHD - Magnetohydrodynamics
Optical Stealth Technology
Diagram of a PWDE to Hyper-acceleration Jump Sequence
As observed from ground level

Pulse engine to altitude           --  converting to Air Spike           -- engage MHD Drive.
Instantaneous 'strip of yellow-shimmering
fire' -- craft jumps 15 mile expanse in a
Contrail suddenly stops --
Apparent white "orb" is ejected
momentary delay; then --
Slow "Doughnut-ring" forms -
No source craft is visible.
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PWDE - Pulse Wave Detonation Engines.
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