The CLOUDSHIPS of aerial stealth
One of the oldest tricks on the books     
apparently still working like a charm.
"If I were a pesky little space alien, and I didn't want you to see me, I would simply
camoloflague myself amongst the natural objects."  jb
"You don't believe in anything.  Why even look??"
"It happens ( over your house) everyday.  Nothing to see here.  Keep it movin.'  
Go back to your homes.  Shows over!"
Joe Neysayer
If a massive cloudship were hovering over you, the
picture above is eerily similar to what a person
might be able to see.  This IS what it would first look
Just a coincidence? Or would you say that this chem trail
was done purposely in this pattern?
From Paul Shishis of Ontario, Canada - summer 2006.  This is very much what a ship
floating down through cloud-cover could look like as well.
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