The "John Bro Technique" on the Art Bell radio show.
November 21, 1995.

While tired and out of it, I was attempting to call into the Art Bell show.  At 2:55 A.M., the man
actually picked up the phone.  I was stunned and my voice was quivering as I now realized
that I was talking to millions of people live on the radio.  We talked for a moment.   Then I
went into the story of why I had called.  I briefly explained “The Technique,” and
momentarily, Art seemed very interested.  When I told him that I was using a digital camera
with a telephoto lens, he immediately dismissed my story by saying that the video camera
was producing the images via an electrical glitch.  I told him that the pictures were very

His reply was; “I bet they are.”  He then went on to a commercial.
I was very forgiving and congratulated him in my typed
response.  I told him that I would get some other expert’s
opinion on his picture and get back to him.  

Actually, I saw this as a great opportunity.  I would silence this
critic by making his evidence available to the world.  I decided
that I would do my best to give him some measure of notoriety
for his recording.  I sent the image to Art Bell.  Later that
evening, “Tango’s” picture, along with his true name and the
city where he lived was posted up on the ‘Coast-to-Coast’
website.   I was laughing out loud where I was.  Then I just went
off to the gym and pursued the business of my own life.

I didn’t get back until after mid-night and immediately signed
onto the internet.  Then the first place that I visited was the
‘Farsight Chat.’  Immediately, I had a number of people inform
me that they were currently listening to Art Bell’s “Coast-to-
Coast” radio show and that he was on the air requesting me to
call in to be on his show.  

So I signed off of the chat room and checked my e-mail.  Bigger
than life, there was an e-mail from Art Bell asking me to send
him my telephone number.  I immediately replied and got off
line, as I was still on a dial-up connection in those days.  It
wasn't five minutes later when Art himself called me at my

I suspended my upset with him and listened to his request.  Art
Bell told me that he was in the middle of interview Britt and Lee
Elders on the air.  They were currently in the UFO news
because of some pictures that they had taken of UFO’s over a
mountain down in Mexico City – and reportedly were very exited
and interested in the images that I had sent in.
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January 12, 1996.

Late night, I saw another one of the ‘chameleon stars.’  They look like planets, though through closer examination, obviously are
not.  The objects appear to be spinning and emitting multiple colors.  I did happen to have one of my friends with me, and he
reported seeing the star for several months now.  This is the same star that Martha Brimer of Van Nuys has been recording
stunning videotapes of since back in July of 1994.  I wish that I could get a high-powered telephoto lens on the thing.  

To top off this evening, I was listening to the Art Bell show on KABC radio out of Los Angeles.  He was having a special session of
answering listener’s phone calls that he asked be no longer than two sentences.

With seven minutes left in his show, I decided to give it a try.  After a couple of minutes, the phone rang and I had a pretty good
idea that I would be on.  Sure enough, he picked up my line after only 30 seconds.  All I heard was; “West Coast, you’re on the

My reply was; “Hi Art.  This is John in Reseda.  UFO’s are aligning themselves with the sun for concealment.  If you block out the
direct light, you can see them with binoculars.”

Art responded; “I’ll keep that in mind.”

April 8, 1996.

I called Art Bell again tonight.  I got on the air around 3:15 A.M.  First, I asked him if he had ever received the diagram that I had
sent to him.  As I had identified myself, I thought that the man would remember me.  He did not.  I went on to talk about the
Brookings report of the 1950’s. He claimed that he didn’t remember than either.  I hung up.

April 12, 1996.

4:00 A.M.  I was again listening to the Art Bell radio show until all hours of the morning.  I tried numerous times to talk to him on
the air but was not successful until the very end of Mr. Bell’s program.  I told him that I was “John in Reseda,” and he immediately
knew me.  I asked him if he had received my letter.  And he said; “Yes.”

He then stated that I should send my diagram of “The Technique” to an astrophysicist, as he himself had no way of knowing
whether or not I am telling the truth.  I asked him to speak with Whitley Strieber on the subject.  Art then told me that the show was
over, and I said: “Good night, America!”

As soon as I hung up with Art Bell, I immediately received a call from Robert Stanley, publisher of ‘Unicus’ magazine.  When I
asked him what he was doing up so late, he replied; “Listening to you!”

We went on to talk about it for a few moments and then I let him go back to bed.  Robert said that he would be sending Mr. Bell
another letter, this time including some photos that he had taken using ‘The Technique.”  I also asked him to fax Art Bell a few
words on my behalf.  After I hung up with Robert, I began to become a bit angry – thinking how Art Bell had again given me the
brush-off.  I then decided to write him a letter.

“Dear Art,

This is John in Reseda.  I sent you the diagram on how to photograph and videotape UFO’s around the sun.  Although in our
airspace, the UFO’s are using the sun for concealment.  The trick to ‘The Technique’ is blocking out the direct sunlight, yet
telephoto ‘zooming’ your camera lens to infinity.  When I talked to you on the air, you said that there was no way for you to know if
this is factual.

Of course there is.  Take a few minutes to try it.  But be prepared.  Thousands are finding out that the technique is legitimate.  
This is proof.  Ask Whitley Strieber, Robert O. Dean.  Ask Richard Hoagland.

My associates and I have been recording UFO’s next to the sun for 10 months now.  We have recorded dozens of hours of this
solar activity.  We have had some of the frames computer analyzed and have been told that it is definitely hardware flying at high
altitudes and at hypersonic speeds ( re: Jim Dilettoso at Village Labs, Phoenix, Arizona.)

Skeptics across the country are now contacting me with positive results.  In L.A., this activity is continuing on a daily basis.  I have
a 100 percent hit rate on sunny days.  This is not going to go away, even if you brush me off.  You can hide under your bed, or
you can help us.  Which will it be??”

April 18, 1996.  Tonight on NBC-TV’s ‘Dateline,’ one of their segments revolved around statements made by ex-NASA astronaut,
Edwin Mitchell.  He was on the ground crew of the Apollo 14 moon landing.  That was the mission involving Alan Shepard trying to
tee off a golf ball.  Mr. Mitchell also got to drive the ‘moon buggy’ around on the lunar surface.  Who knows what they actually
found up there.

The segment of interest to me came approximately 20 minutes into the program.  I thought that the astronaut would be talking
about the wonders of the barren lunar surface.  Instead, Mr. Mitchell took a much different tack.  He talked about E.S.P.,
telepathy, and extraterrestrials.  Near the end of the segment, he even stated that the government should come clean on the
issue of the alien presence.

Tonight on Art Bell’s radio show, the main topic was Mr. Mitchell’s television interview.  People were calling Art for the duration of
his five-hour broadcast.  I spend a good part of the evening trying to get through on his phone lines.  At 3:43 A.M., I finally was

Firstly, I responded to a call that had come from the northeastern part of the country on the previous evening.  Some poor guy
had been making a plea for someone who had seen the ‘light spheres’ to call in and confirm his story.

The listener, whose name I did not catch, commented that he was observing little balls of light come into his home and seemingly
taking pictures.  He was obviously upset.  I have been these things around us so many times that they have become almost
commonplace.  I know that they are somehow related to the UFO phenomenon.

During my on-air conversation with Art, I gave a brief explanation of the ‘ELF moths’ – (my name for the small spheres of light –
((later known as ‘orbs.’)) – To an audience of several million people.  It is always a little nerve racking when I am talking to Art
Bell.  I paused for a moment to take a breath, and the man didn’t interrupt me.  I then told him that I had sent him a second letter
concerning the diagram of ‘The Technique.’  He remembered it immediately.

Mr. Bell finally seemed to be in the mood to listen to me.  He told me to try to call a little before or a little after his show airs and he
may be able to see what he could do.  Art was the nicest that he has ever been with me.  Immediately, he went onto another caller
and onto a completely different subject.

April 23, 1996.  Tonight I drove over to Martha Brimer’s home in Van Nuys, CA.  I haven’t been over to see her for a few weeks.  I
decided that I wanted to get the most recent UFO footage to her.  I thought that she might enjoy seeing some of the latest stuff.  
After reviewing tapes, Martha and I wrote a little letter that we would fax to Art Bell.  It was basically Martha telling the radio show
host that the solar stuff was real and that she was attesting to the fact that the UFO’s are all over Los Angeles.  The fax ended
with Martha inviting Mr. Bell to contact her and in turn, she would send him a great cross section of videotapes.  

We got her letter done and faxed it off by 10:30 P.M.  Then Martha and I listened to Art Bell’s radio show, hoping that he would
make some mention of the fax.  We listened until almost 1:00 A.M.  Unfortunately, Art made no mention of it.  Martha and I are
pretty well convinced that he isn’t going to help us.  Like so many other things that I have been involved with in life, we will have to
force the issue.

At some point, I got so tired of feeling blown-off by Art Bell that I stopped trying to forward information concerning ‘The Technique’
to him.  There were certainly plenty of other venues of which to forward this information.  For the next year, I certainly listened to
his radio show when I was up writing or on the internet all night.  But the Hollywood industry was really taking off for me – and I
was pre-occupied anyway.

In late 1996 and into 1997, I became a regular on a web chat room called ‘Farsight chat.’  There I found quite a group of
educated and professional types that were more than interested in hearing of my findings.  And with John Greenwald, jr’s website;
“The Black Vault,” my research was getting a sizeable world-wide audience.  I continued to teach – and was doing various
television and radio shows.  The story continued to expand.

At the ‘Farsight chat’ – there was one individual that was not at all a believer.  To this day, I think that his presence during those
chat sessions was motivated by being a disruptive force.  His name was Marcel Trudel, and resided in Montreal, Ontario,
Canada.  He went into the chat room under the ‘handle’ – or – nickname “Tango.”  Over time, it got pretty nasty between he and
I.  He basically damned my research, deeming it to be fraudulent and non-sensible.  He really tore me a new one.  But I hung in
there, not wanting to be defeated by yet another naysayer.  

In mid-April of 1997, “Tango” decided that he would make it a point to set out to disprove my theory of the “John Bro Technique.”  
I think he was just tired of me getting so much attention for my research.  On April 27, 1997, while I was on the ‘Farsight chat’ –
Marcel Trudel signed on and sent a private message to me.  “John – I need to talk to you!”

I responded by sending him my personal e-mail address.  Then I went on with text-messaging my other cyber-friends.  Later that
afternoon, I checked my e-mail and found his letter with an image file attached.  First, I read his letter.  In it, he admitted to his
plan of discrediting my research by reproducing ‘The Technique.’  Then he explained that during his recording sessions, he
recorded something that really threw him for a loop – and now he needed my experience to examine his findings.  The man was
distraught and apologetic.  He truly had not expected anything but bugs and dust to show up on his videotape.  Instead, he
recorded this.
So, Art told me that when he came back on air, after a commercial break, he would bring me into his interview with the Elders.  I
was then put on hold and just listened to his broadcast feed.  Sitting there, it occurred to me that, any moment now, I would be live
on the air, and talking to 20 million listeners around the globe.  I felt my chest tighten and my head felt like it was about to explode.  
This was a perfect opportunity for me, as the ‘SIGHTINGS’ show was currently re-broadcasting my segment monthly.  On this day, I
had the ear of the entire genre.  I was a great payoff for almost 2 years of hard work and worry, trying to get news of ‘The
Technique’ out to the world.

When Art came back after break, he explained to the audience that I had been trying to tell him for some time – in his words; I had
been ‘dogging him.’  Then he apologized on the air for not taking me more seriously.  Then he introduced me – and I talked to him,
the Elders – and a world-wide audience for the next 15 minutes.  I definitely held my own and made my point.  Britt and Lee Elders
were congratulating me for my work – and Art was fascinated; almost as if this were the first time that he had ever heard of my

After another break, they brought me back for a couple of more minutes.  When it was my time to exit, Art told me that I had done a
great job – and that he would definitely have me back on his show soon.  He also said that he would dedicate a greater portion of
his show to me next time.  When I hung up, I was exhilarated. What a major coup that days events had been.  I had converted a
major skeptic in Marcel Trudel ( “Tango”) – and had finally gotten Art Bell to take me seriously.

Ironically, Art Bell never did return another message to me, although I sent several.  I never was on his show again.  After a short
time, I just gave up on the guy.  Yet, my UFO pics, along with those of Marcel Trudel, were posted on his website until he went off
the air – handing over the ‘Coast-to-Coast’ radio show to Whitley Strieber.  Now-a-days, the ‘Coast-to-Coast’ show is regularly
hosted by a fellow named George Noory.  Art Bell has blown me off ever since.  In my opinion, what he says on the air – and what
he says to a person privately – are vastly different.  
Trust the Art – not the Bell.