John F. Wilkie (Deputy Smith) and Ron Goden (Otis)
on set of the '
Courthouse scenes' - in MW movie.
photo by: Sherzad Sinsari
On the set with MW...  May, 2011
Last day on the movie - making my
'Deputy Smith' face - one last time.  DP
Brian in the near background.
I noticed that these guys never went to
wardrobe.  How you see them in the
movie is really how they dress.
In-between takes - going through the process of filming the 'traffic stop scene' -
Macomb County, MI.   (
photos carelessly stolen from Rocky Rector's Facebook page )
Filming the courtroom scenes.  The talent and Hollywood history that was in that room was really
'Waiting for the lighting crew' - Robert Loggia
reviews the coming scene.  I personally found
the man to be very warm and generous with
his time.  Just a really great guy.
Dave's on-set antics often got so bad - we had to give him  
'a little time out.'
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