Independant UFO researcher: 'Arcturian Kontakt' -
Proof of artifacts on Mars??
investigates the possibility that recent NASA photo download from JPL's
Martian Rover - '
Mars Panorama pia10212' - contains evidence of substantial
water - and humanoid artifacts on an alien world.
Does this image contain
evidence of abundant water
on the red planet??
Sussex, England U.K. - It seems more like a scene out of a George Lucas movie than reality.  But after downloading the most
recent Mars Rover image, designated '
PIA 10212,' independent UFO researcher 'Arcturian Kontakt' believes that he has
discovered some evidence that, if verified - could potentially greatly impact science and history as we know it.  

"These images are genuine NASA photos that have been embossed , sharpened and brightened . Of course my
theory is pure conjecture . There is no way of ever proving it, unless someone actually goes to Mars and can verify
my claims. However, I trust my Instincts -  and I trust my eyes. Thus to me, it is self-evident that these NASA
images show that Mars was & or still is - an inhabited planet. You must decide for yourself what it is that these
images convey."  
'Arcturian Kontakt'
A lone rock pile sits out in the middle of nowhere.  
This is apparently not a major meteorite impact.  If
it came from a volcano, where is the rest?  What is
it that caused the materials to scatter out in this
While four-wheeling through an out-cropping of mini-pyramidal
shapes - is the 'Rover' the observer - or the observed??
Is this strange distant white speck
what earthings sometimes refer to as
an 'Orb?'
When sending ships to distant
do WE not become the
Alien Invaders'??
Martian 'Roswell'??
Now that we routinely send machines to distant planets
- is the concept of UFOs coming to Earth so ridiculous?
Blue rocks amongst the Red ?
January 16, 2008
Alien reconnasance mechanism?
Victoria Crater, Mars
Mars Images property of NASA/JPL - courtesy of '' website.
Since the 1980's, researchers have shown us numerous
examples of official NASA moon photos having been air-brushed
and manipulated.   Logic dictates that this practice could have
also been applied to Martian Panoramas.
"I have analysed many images - and only this file has yielded any hint of structures. I think
N.A.S.A. made an error and did not airbrush it completely. In my opinion, the landscapes on
Mars are not always natural."
 Arcturian Kontakt  
Enlarged horizon from panel #1 of above panarama
Enlarged 200%
Enlarged 400%
"Official N.A.S.A. Spirit Rover Images - Embossed & Sharpened. Notice that the original
photo Sol603A_P2374_R1-A603R1 is completely airbrushed. Here is the real Mars??"
"Was this image airbrushed by those who don't want us to know the truth?"
Arcturian Kontakt'  - January 16, 2008
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Martian city skyline
Enlarged 200%
Martian city skyline?
multi-level structures?
NASA/JPL photo Sol603A_P2374_R1-A603R1
"This impact crater is solitary and in a flat open plain, rather like a dry lake bed.   There are billions of
Round Metallic Spheroids covering the entire area. These Spheroids are often associated with water;
a by-product of molten impact ejecta. Seeing that there is clearly a visible impact crater, lets assume
the impact created - at least some of these spheroids."  
'Arcturian Kontakt'
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Area of data extraction
Tracks show
evidence of